For the development of Singapore, 18 "super" trees (46 meters high) have been created to build an artificial forest, which is part of the so-called "Gardens by the Bay" project.

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The trees will be located in the Bay Area just south of the gardens and are inspired by lush tropical forests and trees in the region.

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These non-terrestrial trees will collect solar energy, rain water and cool buildings in the area.


There will be close to 163 000 plants of over 200 species in the garden.

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The 128 meter walkway will connect two of the tallest trees and give visitors a breathtaking view of the 22 meters in height.

The project also has two huge conservatories, Cloud Forest and Dome of Flowers, with both buildings impressing with a modern and beautiful architectural structure. The Flower Dome will have different seasonal flora variants.


Plants from every continent have been imported and are facing extinction due to climate change from human activities.

Some of these super trees contain photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy and can glow at night.

The trees will be highlighted in different colors, from bright reds, browns and oranges to cold silver and pinks.

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