Let's go back 1-2 million years ago, along one of the tributaries of the Struma River, the Rilska River, in western Bulgaria, and in particular west of Rila, where the village of Stob is located. There are phenomenal rock formations known as the Stob Pyramids. They are truly phenomenally beautiful at sunrise and at sunset, day and night. Scientifically, their appearance has a history of more than 1-2 million years, when the change in weather and especially the torrential rains and winds, bearing different soil masses, form conical, rocky and strange "pyramids" of different color and soil characteristics. If we look at them, we will see that some of them have rock fragments on top, crowns. In fact, these "crowns" begin the new life of the "pyramids", and over time, under the influence of various erosion effects, clay and small grains of sand flow down the slopes and form their terrestrial forms. Thus, just below the rock, the soil thin out and leave the "crown" standing on a seemingly very thin peak. The solder is quite solid, but after a while the crown falls. Sometimes this destructive action stops at some lower short rock and the process begins again. And if it doesn't work, the rain washes everything and brings the "death" of this natural phenomenon. This process creates the dynamic and whimsical balance of the Stob Pyramids.

If you decide to make a small picnic at the foot of the Stob Pyramids, be sure to try to find one of the local ones to tell you old myths and legends about this natural landmark in Bulgaria. You may hear the legend of "Unhappy Love", in which the bride's mother cursed the whole wedding and all the guests turned to rocks as the two lovers decided to marry, despite her disapproval. Or another legend that tells how the godfather of the wedding did not resist the bride's beauty and when he wanted to kiss her, all the wedding guests were petrified. Another legend tells of the impossible love between a Bulgarian girl and a Turkish boy who threw themselves off the rocks to seek love in other worlds. Anyway, the diversity, both in the rocks and in the legends, has unleashed the imagination on the locals, and now most of the "pyramids" have their poetic names. You will hear about Argacho, The Towers, The Bride, The Chimneys of Samodiv, The Hammers, The Brothers, The White Pyramids, The Gather, and The Saints.

One of the most beautiful and quaint places in our beloved homeland, always ready to surprise you in a pleasant way.

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