70% of all animal neutering signals that Four Paws receives are for cats. This is one of the few reliable sources of information about the scale of the problem with stray cats in Sofia.


To date, accurate statistics on their number do not exist. Recognizing this fact and based on the in-depth experience of "Four Paws" in working with cats and the good cooperation of the foundation with Sofia Municipality, on April 19, 2021 the two organizations launched a joint initiative related to stray cats in Sofia. 

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Programs to control the population of stray cats through castration are effective, but in order to be more sustainable, they require the active participation of local authorities and citizens. In most cases, when work begins on controlling the cat population in a neighborhood under the program "Castrate and return", people's bad attitude decreases significantly. "Four Paws" works towards the implementation of a sustainable and humane solution, through which to reduce not only the population of stray animals, but also attitudes towards them in society.


As part of the initiative of "Four Paws" and Sofia Municipality will be a census of cat colonies in the pilot area of ​​the project "Yavorov", population monitoring and in-depth analysis of the problem, mass castration of cats and last but not least - actively engaging society. 


The Four Paws Clinic in Bankya will continue to operate in other areas as before. The goal is not only to help more cats live better, to create a comprehensive program for the care of stray cats in Sofia, but also to change public attitudes to the problem of "stray cat". 

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Four Paws is an international animal protection organization that helps animals exposed to direct human influence, detects cases of violence, rescues animals in need and protects them. Founded in 1988 in Vienna by Helmut Dungler, the organization fights for a world in which people treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding. Four Paws campaigns and projects target companion animals, including stray dogs and cats, farm and wildlife, such as bears, big cats, orangutans and elephants, which are bred in inappropriate conditions, as well as in areas of disasters and conflicts. With offices in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Kosovo, the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand, Ukraine, Switzerland and South Africa, as well as rescue centers in 12 countries, Four Paws provides emergency care and long-term solutions. .

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