The festival will be held at the Odeon Cinema and the French Institute - 26.09 - 02.10.2016

For the third consecutive year, the "Meetings of Young European Cinema" festival remains true to the idea of ​​presenting films to young and promising authors from Europe. They have something to say to you, and the organizers promise to make it unusual. You will meet them in the "New voices"- the first of the three thematic parts of the festival. 

Its highlights are:

The publication of a study that part of humanity will disappear by the 2100 year provokes director Cyril Dion and his girlfriend, actress Melanie Laurent, known by Quentin Tarantino's Nasty Bastards, to conduct a study of ten with her team of four countries to find out what could have provoked this catastrophe ... and most of all - how to avoid it! The film offers a rare upbeat view of environmental issues, receives the French Cesar Award for Best Documentary of 2016, and has so far had over 1 million viewers in France alone, as well as hundreds of screenings around the world. Some of the initiatives captured in the film have already been successfully implemented in dozens of cities.

  • “Party Girl" / "Coupon " directed by Marie Amachukeli, Claire Bourget, Samuel Theis, who earned the Golden Camera in Cannes, where the jury defines it as a "wild, generous and ill-mannered movie."

Party girl

The tape is inspired by the true story of Angelic, a sixty-year-old erotic dancer. She loves parties and men. One day her regular client offers her to get married. Will it be able to change and start a new life?

The program also includes the first French superhero movie: "Vincent is not a fish " / "Vincent n'a to d'edcailles ", the director who also stars in his film - Tom Salvador.

Vincent is not a fish / Vincent n'a pas d'écailles

Vincent has superpowers: his strength and reflexes become unmatched when he comes in contact with water. To make the most of his gift, he settles in a region with many secluded lakes and rivers where he can lead a peaceful life. On a "water escape" he meets Lucy, who he falls in love with.

  • Portuguese "Джоn Frome " / "John From " The director Joao Nicolau is a true jewel - aesthetically beautiful, with a captivating story of love, youth and characters that are invariably present in our lives. The author of the film, who has already toured dozens of festivals from Portugal to Mexico, describes it: “Nothing is more fierce than the heart of a young girl. If there is something purer and more violent, then I do not know what it is. "

John From

  • "Back home "/ "Volta à Terra " directed by João Pedro Placido is another Portuguese film from the festival program selected in Cannes in 2015. One Threatened Community: Farmers who sustainably farm in a semi-deserted mountain village in northern Portugal. Among the residents we find Antonio, a former expat who fulfilled his dream of returning home and preparing for the summer celebrations, and Daniel a young shepherd who dreams of love at dusk.

Back to home / Volta à Terra

Because it all starts in childhood… in the second thematic part the festival focuses on caring for this short piece of life with special screenings united by the theme Child Rights. The program is part of the large-scale project "Perspectives on childhood, education and migration in Eastern Europe""- a platform for meetings and exchanges of good practice between French, Romanian, Bulgarian and Moldovan professionals on a variety of educational issues. The project will provide an exceptional opportunity for civil society and government institutions, education and justice professionals to discuss the topics covered in the film program. Roundtables will be accompanied by documentaries on the following topics: anti-discrimination, social inequality, dropping out of school, children at risk, homeless children, children in conflict with the law.

  / "La Tête haute, opened the Cannes Festival in 2015.  

With head held high

Abandoned by his mother of six years, Maloney is often summoned to juvenile courts. One day, he is sent to a rigorous correctional facility, he meets Tess - a special girl who will help him see meaning in life. The role of the child judge is Catherine Deneuve, and the one of the rebellious young man is the extremely talented Rod Parado - who received the Cesar Award at this year's ceremony for Best Supporting Actor and Best Young Actor.

Today's movie classics were also strangers yesterday. And their films have changed the cinema, they have not lost their challenge. As of this year, we will recall these headings under the heading "Forever Young"And some will be shown for the first time on Bulgarian screen. The aim is to develop the program in the third part of the festival and to show different "eternally young" films by classic directors every year. The launch will be set by Jean-Luc Godard with two films that changed the movie forever: "Crazy Piero" and "Despicable."

For our youngest viewers we have prepared a specially selected program of free educational screenings, accompanied by film analysis classes, exciting meetings with directors and professionals in the field of cinema. And a Cinema Workshop, in which a group of young people will make a short film in five days and will have the opportunity to see it on the big screen at the closing of the festival.

The festival will also feature a presentation of the European platform for film education "CinEd" - a program coordinated by the French Institute in Paris, in which Bulgaria participates, along with 8 other countries.

The festival is realized thanks to the Sofia Culture Program of Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian National Film Archive, the French Institute in Bulgaria, the Portuguese Cultural and Language Center Camoins Sofia, numerous Bulgarian and foreign partners.

Read more about the project in an interview with the organizer of the festival - Ralitsa Assenova

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