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My mom taught me that spinach soup is rice, not feed! And that has been a problem for me for a long time because I don't like rice soups. No matter what the rules are, and despite my respect for my mother's lessons in the depths of delicious home-cooked one-on-one health, I refused to accept this as a "rule."

 I found the permit a little over a year ago. Driven by the desire to give my child the best in nutrition and at the same time not go against my own ideas of delicious cooking, it occurred to me to replace the traditional spinach soup with quinoa. Oh, miracle! I liked that. Lily readily accepted the new taste, and Willy her father, she also ate from it, even though it was meatless!

I should point out here that, in my opinion, the widespread perception of quinoa as an almost universal substitute for rice or feed soups is rather inaccurate and misleading. From the experiments I have done, I can confidently say that quinoa is not for every soup merudi. The combination of spinach and quinoa is the most successful I have found. Perhaps because they belong to the same plant family Lobodovi (Chenopodiaceae).

Necessary products:

300 r fresh spinach

50 r movie

50-100 g pickled tomatoes (maybe canned)

1 onion head

1 carrots

a piece of parsnip

pinch of jajin




For the building:

1 egg

150-200 g yogurt

1 tablespoon flour (if required)

  • Onions, carrots and parsnips are stewed in about 5-6 tablespoons of oil and as much water until softened (10-15 min).

Adding water to stew vegetables is one of the basic cooking rules my mother taught me. The effect is to avoid frank frying, which is not good for the stomach. In addition, vitamins are divided into fat and water-soluble, which means that in order to extract the vitamins useful in vegetables, it is good to add vitamins other than fat and water.

  • Once the vegetables are tender, the tomatoes are added. Stew for 10 min and add 1.5 l hot water. Immediately afterwards, pre-blanched spinach is added. If you prefer smooth cream soups, here is the time when you need to glaze. I always do this before adding quinoa to the dish to preserve the integrity of the small snail-like kernels. It has nothing to do with the nutritional properties of the plant, the consideration is aesthetic.

  • The quinoa prepared for cooking is added. It is important to allow it to cook over low heat without the soup boiling. Ready after 15-20 min.

  • Season with salt, black pepper and mint to taste. The soup is then optionally set up. 1 bucket is added to the building. thickening flour. Depending on your preferences and the diet you follow, building may not be done at all. Or replace it with the addition of cream - animal or vegetable.

Traditionally spinach soup is consumed chilled, topped with cheese. In the winter, however, we eat it warm in our family.

Quinoa is characterized by a high content of saponins in the outer seed coat. Saponins are glycosides (derived from glucose), found in plants, and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, they have a bitter taste. Therefore, it is necessary to soak and rinse under running water quinoa before use. If you still feel a bitter taste when consuming quinoa, do not worry - there is no room for anxiety. The saponins taken by mouth are completely harmless. When swallowed at very high doses, the worst they can cause is vomiting due to irritation of the sensory nerve endings.

With the assistance of Radoslav Velev.

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