Have you ever had a relationship with someone who suffocates you? And did this happen to be the city you live in? And literally!


On December 3 in Sofia, an average of fine particulate matter 200 units was measured at 50. Unfortunately, this is not a problem for which the citizens of Sofia face for the first time. The situation was the same last year, when thousands of people again shared photos of drones on social networks depicting a "gentle" cloak, with which Sofia is wrapped and "sleeping" her hibernation. This metaphor, which I used quite unintentionally, actually has a deeper meaning, namely the personal responsibility that each of us, as a resident of the capital, bears.


For, on the one hand, there are the governing, who tolerate such disgrace. They clearly demonstrate their disinterest in human health and prefer to drown us in smog, at the expense of various corruption schemes and the realization of "dark" business deals. For example, while explaining that all environmental decisions are environmentally friendly, Sofia Municipality approved the construction of a waste incineration plant in Sofia.


However, on the other hand, we are the ones who elect our aforementioned personalities! We who are responsible for our management! We who are responsible and personal as well, being those who indifferently harm ourselves! Does the above justify the hypothesis that the less developed (politically and economically) a country is, the dirtier its citizens breathe from the other? I do not know, but I know that if there is no debate on the subject, if citizens do not pressure and correct the governing authorities, first: important information (such as breathing polluted air is calculated as the fourth most serious risk factor that the filthy air contributes to respiratory infections such as pneumonia, certain cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and some cardiovascular diseases) will be deliberately saved and secondly: we will remain indifferent to the need for change.


The reasons for the capital city to boom in such a state for a consecutive year are many: from geographical location to the number of old cars moving on the roads, the number of households heated by wood and coal, thermal power plants, burning of old clothes, tires , plastics and more. However, they all come down to one of the most important reasons - the reluctance to change. Because you can not want cleaner air, and not be inclined to make any effort to achieve it. These activities are of a repetitive nature and it is a matter of education and social learning to be limited and controlled. Tapping with your tongue in front of your TV is a proven ineffective practice! In the meantime, while the toxic fog lingers on, pregnant women, children, people with respiratory problems, and indeed every citizen, regardless of their health and age, are at risk for these indicators:


World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality 


It is recommended that you avoid going out or staying outdoors to a minimum. And if you can end a relationship with someone who suffocates you at any time, then when it's the city where you live, the problem becomes much more difficult to solve. Kapalabati's yoga breathing does not help, I share from personal experience! Prayers for the wind to stir this hell - too!


More attention and commitment to the problem is needed throughout the year, not only during the risky heating months. We need to realize that we need solutions that work in the long run so that we can someday catch our breath! Be part of the solution, not part of the problem!


On December 11 2018, from 18: 00 hours, in front of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, residents of Krasna Polyana, one of the city's most affected neighborhoods, organized a protest under the headline: "Heating with garbage kills our children." Link here >>> Save Sofia also has a list of emergency measures sent to Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova that can help resolve the air pollution crisis: - Complete ban, constant control and severe penalties for anyone burning plastic, clothes, tires, oils , cables, etc .;


- Begin the process of completely banning solid fuel heating. Give alternatives: for example, expand the district heating network and stop leaks in the company;


- Instead of destroying, start expanding the tram and trolleybus network as an alternative to private car travel;


- Return the measuring station to Eagle Bridge and place one in each area of ​​Sofia; - Repair the Early Warning and Forecast model to cover up real pollution. According to her, Sofia is never so polluted that you start taking significant measures.


The Center for Urban Mobility introduced the so-called Green Ticket Price of 1 BGN - valid for all lines throughout the day (04.12.2018), with the aim of facilitating traffic and reducing harmful emissions from cars.

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