Faculty of Pedagogy и Faculty of Science for Education and Arts at the Sofia University organize a film festival on the theme "The Revolution in Education". The initiative is being carried out in partnership with the Film Festival "(No) Education Possible" and the program Together in Hour. The aim is to create a discussion on the need for reform in the teaching approaches and curriculum in Bulgarian schools today, drawing on the experience of the great reformers of the first half of the 20th century in Europe.


Maria Montessori, Janusz Korczak, Alexander Neal, Celestin Frene are just a few of the names that dare oppose established educational standards and seek new, more effective methods of teaching and educating students. We learn from their reformatory pedagogy today and ask ourselves: What is not enough for us to create a program for the complete, inclusive and full development of children that maximizes their personality?

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The first screening is on the movie "Revolution at School 1918 - 1939" and will be held on May 8 from 15 hours at Faculty of Science for Education and Arts (FONI) - Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., 69A, 313 office. Through entirely archival footage, the film is about an international pedagogical movement that emerged immediately after World War I. Educators in Europe accuse the school of creating subordination and ask themselves: How to educate the next generation without punishment and supervision? How to teach freedom?


The second screening is on the alphabet movie on May 14 from 17 the Egg Hall in the Rectorate. "What happens to modern education?" Is a topic discussed by experts. These are the neurologist Gerald Hutter, Sir Ken Robinson, Andre and Arno Stern, and in personal stories such as that of Pablo Pineda. Director Irwin Wagenhofer points out that today the school often does not help, but rather to the detriment of children's creativity. The methods used in the education system are inherited from the Industrial Age and have hardly changed as the world progresses.


ABC is nominated for the Austrian Film Award 2014, in the category "Best Documentary".


The festival is free entry and is open to both students and professors, as well as anyone interested in the reformatory pedagogy of the last century and the opportunities that lie ahead for creating a more effective education system.

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