Sonya Delone is a world-renowned artist who is honored to be the first woman and living artist to be honored to showcase her work at the world-renowned Louvre Museum.


Often falling into the shadow of her world-renowned husband Robert, Ukrainian artist Sonia Delone develops as a multifaceted personality. She is not only an artist, but also a designer of clothing, footwear and emerges as a bastion of contemporary modernism. During the 2015 Art Week in London at the Tate Modern Gallery in London, the life and career of this talented artist was presented. Her talent ranks her into prominent early modernists such as Picasso, Andre Deren, and Georges Braque.

Born in Ukraine, Delaunay studied first in Germany and then in Paris. There, in 1905, he met his first husband, art dealer Wilhelm Uhde. He introduces her to the artistic elite of Paris, where he meets his second husband, Robert Delone, whom he married in 1910. The two explore the vast, colorful and geometric world of Impressionism and Cubism together, and the two artists create their own style called "Simultaneousism." . Her husband has been experimenting with abstractions of various applied arts styles and has been able to build a successful business alongside her husband's talent.


Initially, Sonia Delone began to paint furniture, to tie books, until she realized that her talent was in design. Her first attempt at working with fabrics was her son's baby blanket in 1911. She noticed that several of the blanket patterns perfectly fit the concept of abstract art, and this prompted her to boldly experiment with different fabrics.

During the First World War he lived briefly in Madrid, where in 1918 he opened his first Casa Sonia store. Her business is growing rapidly and she is soon opening stores in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and San Sebastian. In 1925, it also opened its first store in Paris, the Delaunay. In addition to this business, Sonia Delone also contributes to the design of costumes for ballet, theaters and film productions. Her talent as a newly born designer is immediately appreciated by numerous ballet companies, opera productions from Spain.

Her costumes were chosen for the play "Coeur à gaz", created by her close friend Tristan King. They were defined as bold, colorful and modern. The bold and stylish look of clothing design is spreading as a worldwide fashion and many boutiques and department stores are starting to promote her work. In addition to their own stores, Delaunay models are spread in Amsterdam and London, as well as in many department stores in New York through the distribution network of other well-known brands.

In 1927 she was invited to the Sorbonne to present her lecture The Impact of Painting on the Art of Clothingwhich, among other things, introduces the revolutionary idea of ​​pre-fashioned (ready-to-wear) fashion.


In the heart of the suburb of Saint-Germain-des-Prees, where Sonia's apartment is located, a mini-community of poets, creators, writers and musicians, such as Tristan Tsara, Philip Supo, formed and exchanged ideas every Thursday. Delone herself has a special attitude to writing and will later share: "Painting is a form of poetry, colors are words, relationships are rhythms, the finished painting is a finished poem."



The French government commissioned her to design the 1937 International Exhibition of Art and Technology for Modern Life. She was able to create large murals to decorate the pavilions, depicting large gears and propellers on them.


Sonya Delone becomes the first living artist whose paintings adorn the Louvre in 1964. Asked by a journalist how she feels about the first woman to change and influence the art, she replies that she is an artist and creator first, and then a woman. Sonia Delaunay was awarded the 90 Annual Jubilee with the highest award in France, the Legion of Honor, and only 4 years later, in 1975, the actress died.


Sonia Delone is a remarkable artist who has outstripped his time. She is a person who knows how to evaluate colors, how one color affects another, and it is this skill that promises an endless variety of what only one completely free of imagination is capable of.

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