Greenpeace - Bulgaria demonstrates alternatives to coal by installing luminaires

Two solar lamps were installed in the central square of Golemo selo village. The Greenpeace Initiative - Bulgaria supports the fight for clean air and energy independence for people from the village and the area, who often complain about pollution from the Bobov Dol TPP. The aim is to show the possibilities of the long-available alternatives to coal. The project was assisted by the mayor and the villagers who carried out the preparatory activities.

"Solar lamps are a symbol of the energy transition we want to see in both the Bobov Dol area and our country. Currently, Bulgaria's energy sector policy is lagging dramatically. It continues to rely on technologies from before 50 and beyond, instead of focusing on a more flexible, decentralized system up-to-date, ”said Denitsa Petrova, Greenpeace, Bulgaria.

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With the installation of both solar-powered lamps, large-scale settlers are taking the first step towards becoming energy citizens - energy-independent people and communities that themselves generate the necessary electricity from renewable sources.

"We are grateful for the solar lamps and we hope that there will be many more investments related to solar energy in the Big Village and the area!" - said the mayor of the village Vasil Vasev.

The lamps have LED lights, each with 40W power, powered by 12V. The luminaires feature a solar module with a rated power of 155Wp and a battery with a charge capacity of 60Ah. LED-based lighting (Light-emitting diodes) technology is more economical in terms of power consumption and maintenance (with longer life), and provides stronger light than older solutions. At the same time, photovoltaic panels come with an 25 warranty.

The solar power system makes the lamps energy-independent from Bobov Dol TPP and the village's electricity grid, and allows lighting up to 12 hours a day under optimum conditions.

"In addition, the lamps have charge regulators that control all the operation and protection of the luminaires. Batteries are 90% recyclable. They store the solar energy generated during the day so that it can be used during the dark part of the day, "explained Kolyu Oreshkov of the Center for Energy Solutions, whose team implements the idea technically.

The installation of the lamps is part of the long-term campaign of Greenpeace - Bulgaria to raise awareness of the dangers of using coal and the affordable alternative to fossil fuels - renewable energy sources. As part of the campaign, at the beginning of 2019, a free training course for students, for installers of photovoltaic facilities and installations will start at the Vocational High School in Bobov Dol. Solar panels have already been installed on the school building and equipment for a solar laboratory has been delivered, which will be next year.

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