We love to laugh and to hear the ringing laughter of our children, loved ones and friends. Laughter marks moments of joy and uplifting spirit. It is the most effective method against depression, gloomy thoughts and bad mood.

 Comedies have always been a tribute to most viewers. Who hasn't watched Angry Old Men or From Stupid to Stupid, who hasn't followed with interest and retweeted the Friends series? Funny movies manage to get us to take care of ourselves and look at life on its merry side. The success of American comedy series like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Malcolm is more than indisputable, but the feeling when we watch Bulgarian comedy is somehow different, more beautiful, more real. It touches the deepest strings of our soul.

The list of successful Bulgarian comedy series is not short and has grown significantly in recent years. I suggest a selection of short reviews for some of the most valuable Bulgarian comedy series in the hope of learning something new about them that will inspire you to watch them.

"She and he"

Prior to the success of Mission London and Glass House, Julian Vergov was a familiar face for television viewers thanks to his colorful and fresh character from the Bulgarian sitcom Comedy She and He. Vergov's partner is actress Stefania Koleva, who is extremely convincing in the presentation of her on-screen character. Julian and Stefania enter the images of the couple in love with Martin and Sylvia, who are not married but enjoy a dynamic and lasting relationship. "She and He" was directed by Stanislav Todorov - Roggie, but more interestingly, his screenwriters are not Bulgarians but the French Guy LePage and Sylvie Leonard. The plot revolves around the daily routine of Martin and Sylvia, who have been together for 11 years. The series is a fresh and innovative series of comic and touching moments that reflect the lives of the two lovers. This is a humorous story with satirical notes, in which viewers witness the adventures and funny situations in which the main characters fall. The original comic approach touches on the issues of trivia in the everyday life of ordinary people, of gender differences, of the meaning of life. The series has a total of four seasons, which are of great viewer interest. From 2002 to 2005, three seasons aired, and the fourth, the last, came out through 2007. Martin and Sylvia became one of the most beloved screen couples in a short time. An additional freshness is the arrival of more famous Bulgarian theater and cinema stars who appear in individual episodes. Among them are Vladimir Karamazov, Maria Sylvester, Simeon Lutakov, Zahari Baharov, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Asen Blatechki, Desi Bakardzhieva, Tochno Tokmakchieva, Kutsi Vaptsarov, Paraskeva Dzhukelova and others.

"Sea salt"

Sea Salt is another example of an amazingly entertaining and unloading sitcom (situational comedy). Released in 2005 and directed by Stefan Savov, the opera is Kiril Donchev and Sylvester Yordanov. The production spot is occupied by the notorious public figure Magrdic Halvadjian, who contributed to the creation of some of the most popular and high-rated shows such as "Lords of the Air", "Sea of ​​Love", "You Have Mail", "Seven Hours Difference" and more. In Sea Salt, the action unfolds around the lives of two youngsters, Emil and Dimitar, who are childhood friends but completely different in character. Although interests and points of view are completely different, they always find a way to understand each other. They live in an attic in Sofia. Their monotonous daily routine ends as the beautiful young girls Sonia and Tanya, who are cousins ​​and girlfriends, are housed in the attic next door. The spark of love between couples flares up almost instantly, but before it comes to candid conversations about feelings, the main characters have to go through a long series of compellingly comic situations that evoke genuine laughter and fun. The main roles are actors Asen Blatechki (Emil), Penko Gospodinov (Dimitar), Koyna Ruseva (Sonia) and Ekaterina Stoyanova (Tanya). The secondary images are presented by Todor Kolev and Hristo Garbov. Besides them, Diana Lyubenova, Vasil Vasilev-Zueka, Dimitar Rachkov, Krasi Radkov, Elena Petrova and many others have had numerous visits to the sitcom.

Third Floor Clinic

Third Floor Clinic is a Bulgarian situational comedy, directed by Nikolay Avramov, which deals with various interesting and entertaining cases from the medical practice of three doctors - Dr. Tomasyan (internal diseases), Dr. Radeva (psychiatrist) and others. -r Filipov (obstetrician-gynecologist). The situations and events that arise are impressive, moving, but most of all exciting and laughing. This is a clinic where a universal prescription is applied to all diseases and it is laughter in huge doses. At some moments, the serious and the comic intertwine to such an extent that the viewer begins to wonder - who is more urgently in need of treatment: the doctor or the patient. The script of the individual episodes is the work of various artists, including Nikolay Akimov, Mila Georgieva and Alexander Kosev. Hristo Mutafchiev, Stefania Koleva, Alexander Kosev, Nikolay Urumov participated. Two seasons have been filmed, the first is due out in 2000 and the second is ten years later.

"Sofia residents in more"
"More citizens in Sofia" is considered one of the most successful contemporary Bulgarian series in the genre of comedy drama. Proof of this is the relentless interest of the audience and the constant shooting of new episodes. In all probability, one of the reasons for this huge success lies in the impeccable acting and the enviable mastery in the visual performance. The camera crew, led by Nenad Boroevich and Anton Ognyanov, has the opportunity to shoot series with advanced equipment and high-end film cameras such as those with which American super-productions such as "Social Network", "Eli's Book" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" were shot. . The series presents purely Bulgarian human stories, which, unfolding, show through the eyes of modern society how the old Bulgarian customs and traditions have changed. "More citizens of Sofia" recreates the everyday life, marked by the joys and anxieties of two neighboring families, Chekanovs and Lyutovs, living in a metropolitan area, who are in constant competition with each other. In many moments, the old maxim creeps in delicately but clearly: "It's not important for me to be well, it's important for Woote to be ill." But even in the most intense moments of burning enmity, the seed of pure sincere love can germinate, which will give reason for reflection, rethinking of its values ​​or bigger problems. To the delight of the viewer, the endless contradictions and provocations between the main characters, as well as the clash of old and modern views, create unimaginably comic scenes that guarantee a lot of laughter and cheerful mood. Lubo Neikov and Krastyo Lafazanov head the two warring families. With such a screen tandem, it is more than clear that the fun will never end. Their partners are Silvia Lulcheva, Albena Pavlova, Eva Tepavicharova, Stoyanka Mutafova, Ruslan Maynov and Hristo Garbov. The characters of Ivan Yurukov and Violeta Markovska emerge as the most attractive and right-thinking young characters, very different from the backwardness and pettiness in the ideas of their relatives.

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