Artist, jeweler and designer - Galina Chuvilyaeva is one of the people who dedicated their lives to creating beauty. He is a member of the Union of Russian Designers in St. Petersburg, and since 2002 has been engaged in painting. But unlike most people who are passionate about the exquisite, the gold threads and the aristocratic Viennese style, Galina is excited about the simple things that touch the soul.

Years ago, Chuvilyeva heard the legend of an artist who painted angels. The story was so beautiful that she imagined them without seeing them - in silver colors and golden curls. One day in 2005, she decided to paint this angel on the canvas herself. He made her naive and funny, so she didn't show it to anyone. But she kept it. However, this image becomes a key one for her and she creates a whole series of paintings in which she appears through the lens of different subjects.

Galina says, "I saw an old man standing in my picture and crying." To her, an angel is a positive energy that engenders good feelings in people. Indeed, these solar angels are fond of their innocence and purity. Through the suggestion they create, they have the ability to even heal. "They told me that people who look at these angels are healing faster. I am happy that I can bring good into this imperfect and wonderful world. "

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