Only one touch with Slovenia is needed to realize how much there is in the few. The country seems to fit in the hand of one hand, but it can fill your heart with that fresh breath that has been needed for a long time.


As if hidden in the shadow of its more famous western neighbors - Italy and Austria, Slovenia sometimes goes unnoticed, but always reveals its beauty to anyone who decides not to pass it. Unlike most European countries that are known for their architecture and rich cultural heritage, Slovenia offers something else - a return to nature. So simple, but so significant. An opportunity to get lost in it and find yourself. To come to a place where the human hand does not seem to interfere, not because it cannot, but because it does not want to.


Named in the ancient Roman province, the Julian Alps are the jewel of Slovenia, aiming to escape the urban environment. I miss the winter sports and activities you can try out there. We are already tuning in to summer and sun, and we are diving into the sea of ​​choice, for a more unconventional and more active vacation. Without pretending to be completely exhaustive, I share some places and activities that are definitely worth it:

The Wild Flower Festival, held annually between May and July in the Bohinj Valley, is an experience that everyone should touch.


If you love nature and want to express your love, then there is no better event. Wild flower is held in honor of spring, flowers, nature. During the near 2 months of the event, you can enjoy a bouquet of events. Botanical tours to introduce you to the local flora; concerts, dances, workshops for children and adults, outdoor yoga and all the cool activities that will tear you away from the busy urban life.

Tops for conquest

Undoubtedly, Triglav peak (2,863 m.) Is the highest peak in this part of the Alps, the highest peak and symbol of the country. The Sava, one of the great rivers, springs from here, and a lesser known fact is that it flows into the Black Sea. Climbing to the top can be done on several routes (easier or more extreme), but always with a guide, equipment and helmet. The probability of falling rocks is not small, given the unfavorable relief of Mesozoic limestones and dolomites.

Unusual is the Barefoot on Triglav event, which involves climbing without shoes. This year it will be held on 5 June. In addition to the Triglav, the Julian Alps also offer many peaks that all year round await its enthusiasts.

Most probably the first association with the lake and Slovenia is Bled - the largest karst lake and tourist symbol of the country. 


Most probably the first association with the lake and Slovenia is Bled - the largest karst lake and tourist symbol of the country. 

It is therefore very likely that the crowds of visitors will be a nasty surprise. However, if you are looking for a stroll, beautiful views, nature and city life all in one place, this is the place. A walk to Bled Castle or to the "bench with panoramic views" is a great alternative to overcrowded restaurants and pastry shops on the coast.

Lake Bohinj, on the other hand, offers a slightly different experience. Located in the Bohin Valley, surrounded by high peaks, as if hidden in them, it brings a sense of complete union with nature as if time had stopped. Here, besides just a walk, you can try diving, fishing, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding and other charging activities.

Downhill in Planica

Until 2011, all records in ski jumping were set in Planitsa, where until recently were the largest ski opportunities. From the beginning of May every year until the winter season, the steepest ski trench becomes an attraction. The steepest cable car, starting from the top of the track and descending along its entire length (nearly 600 m.), Aims not only to raise the adrenaline of those who are afraid to try, but also to show the perspective of athletes in ski jumping. The experience definitely leaves a memory that does not fade.

For people who prefer individual experiences away from the crowd and the commercial, Triglav National Park offers countless trekking paths. They lead to panoramic views from the top, to hidden waterfalls, small rivers of crystalline water, cycling trails and thousands of ways to be alone. To remove everything unnecessary, both from your shoulders and from your mind, to open a small space, to breathe, to rediscover the world around and within you.

Slovenia is a handful of countries, but with a huge heart. She has learned to keep her treasures, but also to share them with anyone who wants to touch the purity of nature. She gives you a piece of herself without asking for it back, so that you can rediscover yourself and promise her that you will come back again.

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