Kinetic energy is the basis in Derek Hugger's stunning sculptures. Under the law of conservation of energy, derived from physics 150 years ago by German scientist Robert Meyer, the young specialist created his mechanical sculptures, combining natural laws and art. The movement of dozens of wooden parts is determined by the work and their proper arrangement. So Derek's latest work, the Hummingbird, seems to be able to collect pollen from the flower of life.



This is just one of Derek's sculptures. In his workshop where precision-cut countless elements, calculators and programs can be found, the engineer-designer has created many more.




For him, the creation of sculptures is a "passion for mechanisms and an irresistible desire to solve mechanical puzzles." He adds that "in most cases, work is reworked many times until it reaches the perfect result" that you can do on your own in the workshop. Derek sells well-sketched work plan instructions that you can choose from on his website.




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