Bulgaria is known as the birthplace of the ancient singer and musician Orpheus. We do not know exactly where his birthplace is, but tradition shows that he was somewhere in the beautiful Rhodopes in southeastern Bulgaria, which was part of ancient Thrace. Legend has it that he lived there around 1400 BC.


According to Greek mythology, Orpheus is the son of the river god Eager, the ruler of Hemus (Stara Planina), and the nymph Kaliopa - the muse of epic poetry. His unwavering love for his beloved wife, Eurydice, has inspired poets, writers and artists in the past to this day. His music fascinates everyone, and his sad songs make even gods and nymphs cry. The heart of Hades, the god of the underworld, is softened by Orpheus' song and the god agrees to allow Eurydice to return with Orpheus to earth. But she failed to survive the journey and disappeared forever into the underworld. Short but strong love!


Legend has it that the Muses carried the lyre of Orpheus to heaven after he died and placed it among the stars. His soul returned to the underworld, where he reunited with his beloved wife Eurydice.


Many artists have drawn inspiration from the history of Orpheus and Eurydice. I find those of Francois-Louis France, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot and Edmund Dulac to be particularly moving. But nothing compares to the magical canvases of the talented Bulgarian artist Keazim Isinov, who has more than 400 works dedicated to Orpheus.

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The light and love in his paintings are incredible. I am happy that I had the opportunity to meet him and take the time to get to know him and study his art. He is not only a brush master, but an incredibly spiritual man born before his time. His art demonstrates a great deal of philosophy, prophecy and a very evocative message to humanity. If life on Earth is ever destroyed, the surviving future generations can use its paintings to recreate nature and humanity, they are a kind of "Noah's Ark" embedded in its canvas. Not surprisingly, in 2005, he received the Artist of the Century Award at the Millennium - 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth, held in the Netherlands.



His paintings tell the legend of Orpheus. Explore each of them, imagine their world, compile your own stories and dreams, and travel to the unknown. I leave his canvases to speak.

I would like to end the article with a few quotes on the art of Keazim Isinov.


"The essence of his style can be determined by the commonly used term 'magic realism'. For Keazim Isinov it is an organic combination of mythical and fairy-tale content, rich and striking imagination, primary ecstasy for nature and events, details of curiosity while in the technical aspect - of calligraphic drawing, precision of plastic form, magical lighting. In any case, he is a talented and productive artist who has a lot to say and knows how to tell people - in a memorable way. "

~ Kiril Krastev


"Great artists are always prophets. All of them, like Keazim Isinov, work with the past to create ideals of beauty that lead us to the future. "

~ Dr. Meter, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


"Without losing its depth, the art of Keazim Isinov fulfills a rare mission nowadays - to both delight and ennoble."

~ Boris Danailov


Keazim Isinov was born in the village of Sadovets, Pleven region on April 16, 1940. He graduated from the National School of Arts in 1960, and in 1968 graduated from the National Academy of Arts, class of Prof. Nenko Balkanski in painting.

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