We are accustomed to experiencing a psychological breakdown and unable to cope with a difficult life situation or our conflicts with family and friends become more frequent, blaming ourselves, others, fate, star placement, etc. Everyone has their own beliefs and looks for the reasons for their failure in all sorts of places.


Self-blame is characteristic of introverts, who initially feel insecure about themselves and find it difficult to fit into the world. Tendent to self-analyze and delve into problems, these people are self-inflicted with guilt, which digs them inward and creates many accompanying problems, which only complicates matters rather than offering a solution. Extroverts are on the opposite principle - for them the world is a major catalyst for personal unhappiness, others are an obstacle to achieving their goals or simply lacking luck.


But what if our problems do not really come from ourselves or from the people around us, and are not the result of what has happened in our current lives? This question is posed to scholars who are concerned with the study of ancestral memory and how events that have happened to our ancestors can have a direct impact on us - the birth generations after them and not knowing their fates.


Following Karl Gustav Jung's findings about the collective unconscious and the theory of quantum physics, such questions should not sound surprising and illogical. Energy is absorbed and released in the form of small quanta that correlate with each other. We ourselves are made up of energy. That is, everything in nature is interconnected and man is no exception. And if we are part of a common field from which we derive information and energy (something like virtual space) and our brains are plugged into a large computer, then it is quite normal for our "cables" to be more closely connected to people of our kind with which we divide one blood (one current).

How can we help women who have been victims of violence

How can we help women who have been victims of violence

For the past 2020, 17 women in Bulgaria have been killed by their partners. These are just known cases, and we do not know exactly how many women end their lives fatally in their homes, as such statistics are not kept. BECOME A VIRTUE ♥ For the past 2020 17 ...

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The man who first developed the Family Constellations method is the German psychologist Bert Helinger. According to him, each of us is involved in his family, and with certain members he has a direct psychological connection, even if he did not know them personally. It is difficult to observe the dynamics of family relationships, but exploring the personal history of each individual in the family is key in understanding our own problems. Unconsciously, we bear some of the unresolved conflicts of our ancestors, locked in tribal memory, accidents, people who died young, suicides, abortion, immigration, a grave family secret.


Just as physical illnesses are inherited, so do psychological blockages remain in the family memory and are passed down through generations. And all this has a negative effect and slows down our subconscious, which all too often leads to physical illness, mental disorders, depression, recurring failures, and more. These invisible and unconscious engines of our activity make us feel unreasonable fear and doubt, and their roots lie long before our childhood.


Family constellations help us to realize all this, to illuminate the dark corners of our ancestral memory, and to solve the unresolved problems of our ancestors so that we can continue cleanly, without fears and without bearing the foreign failures of our backs. The method is close to psychotherapy work, but much more individual, although it contains key points from the psychodrama. In order to be as effective as possible, it is advisable for a person to state a specific problem to consider at work and to look for the causes of its occurrence. But even if you cannot determine where your difficulties and setbacks come from, constellations will make these things crystallize by playing through situations and intertwining the strands of family history.


How are constellations going?


The client sits to the right of the mediator (a key figure in the process and his facilitator). The problem is formulated by having a conversation that can take up to an hour and a half. The mediator chooses which members of the family are directly related to the problem in order to be put on stage in the next stage of the work. The client chooses which of the present (specialized persons) to represent the members of the family and in what situation. He orders them towards each other, and they are left to be guided by concentrating on the sensations generated in them during the procedure. The client then sits down next to the mediator and watches. Placed persons should feel in their own body the experience or experience of the client's family members and find a specific solution to the problem. This is an energy-level impact. It is not only a process of awareness of the problem, but like quanta, it affects the energy level of the unresolved conflict.


Benefits of constellations:


Constellations successfully help to resolve family conflicts, physical or psychological problems, difficulties in relationships, problems between parents and children, professional problems. The method is also used in enterprises and companies for: decision making, defining strategy and goals, as a tool for diagnosis, stimulation and motivation, interpersonal relationships, etc.


In Bulgaria, this method is already successfully practiced and helps a lot of people to solve their unconscious problems. But even if you decide not to take such a step, it would always be helpful to explore your family tree, get to know the life and spirituality of your ancestors. You may find a personal connection with one of them and the solution of your problem to appear before your eyes. This is extremely important today, as more and more families live apart, children leave for another continent and leave their entire past in their homeland.


We know less and less about our relatives' lives, which may be the key to understanding our own lives and our own destinies. Because everything is connected, the energy of the genus flows into our veins and remains in our memory. And it may be time to strengthen our relationships with the family, understand it better, and try to transform the negative energy into love. In order to go boldly without any energy blockages and unconscious psychological impediments, we must clear up the problems left by our ancestors.


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