The young people, the founders of the newest organization for the preservation of our traditional heritage, invite everyone to try a unique 5-day experience in the Rhodope village in August. The time spent in the countryside will be distributed between summertime rest and walks, a touch of local traditional culture and several hours of work to help the village every day.

"One of the most typical social manifestations of the Rhodopean Bulgarians is the mezzo - a traditional form of mutual assistance. The first to go were the girls and the bachelor party, dressed like a choir. For them, the mezzo was a great fit to look at each other, to bendis (like). When one set out to build a house with only his mule (let there be two and three), he could not obtain stones, slabs, or timber. In that case, his village ran to the rescue. "

(from the memories of Slavcho Dichev)

In the modern reading of the Rhodope Mizhan Nishan will immerse all desirable "urban" people in rural life for 5 days - from 8 to 13 on August 2017, as part of their time spent there will be to help the village - just like the seats of one time. For participants, this will be an opportunity to recharge their batteries, breaking away from the hectic daily routine, trying traditional Rhodope dishes prepared by local women, strolling through the majestic mountains, and at the same time devoting several hours a day to helping with labor. your village. Some of the activities related to village life will be mowing and hay collection, painting, harvesting and splitting of wood, assistance at the local community center and more.

The name of the event is "MEGO - reload in a village with CAUSE"because the meaning of the experience, according to the organizers of NISHAN, is most important for both locals and village guests. The cause, in their words, is simple and human: to help with both hands the locals in their daily tasks, at 3 hours a day for 5 days. Personal: to escape from our consumer self and to find our place in the nature and natural space of the village; to get to know the Bulgarian village of 21 century. Financial: over 60% of the fee will remain inside the village, assisting the lives of local people, and the remaining amount will cover the organizational fees of the association.

NISHAN invites everyone who wants to spend their summer vacation in a different way, to try "MEZHO" and to show that we Bulgarians have not lost the ability to help and share!

Enrollment deadline is July 16 2017 and seats are limited.

Who is the organizer?

We at NISHAN believe that the place of Bulgarian traditions is not only in books. We know from experience that the best way to get to know them is to experience them. NISHAN takes you on the trail of Bulgarian traditional culture, making them not only an observer but also a participant in the journey to our roots.


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