It is well known that the female cycle (the period from the onset of menstrual bleeding to the next bleeding) is deeply related to the lunar cycle. It is no coincidence that the average cycle of a woman lasts exactly as long as that of the moon - 29 days. The moon represents the feminine energy and the sun the masculine. Together they create harmony in the world. That is why the lunar phases affect the female body and the mental state of a woman to a much greater extent than to a man.

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Like the moon, the female cycle has four phases - menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase (premenstrual). Ideally, they coincide with the phases of the Moon - New Moon, rising Moon, Full Moon, waning Moon. In ancient times, the female cycle was highly respected and even celebrated, and special rituals were performed during menstruation. It was believed that during this period women had vivid prophetic dreams, and their intuition was stronger than ever. That is why they have often been consulted when making an important decision for the community.


Gradually, however, the patriarchal world, frightened by the power of female energy, denounced these rituals. Everything that was once considered pure and beautiful has become taboo. Today we associate menstruation with pain and discomfort that interfere with our work and daily routine. The male world in which we live expects us to always give the maximum of ourselves and does not allow us to connect on a deeper level with our inner, true nature. Our cycle is downplayed to a means of reproduction.


Moon phases and their influence


It is not a well-known fact that the phase in which the Moon is while we are bleeding, among other things, can show us what period of our life we ​​are in. You will be surprised how connected we are physically and mentally with the lunar cycles!

Red Moon


If you bleed during the Full Moon, then you are controlled by the energy and cycle of the Red Moon. In the past, women whose periods occurred on the Full Moon were usually priestesses, healers, witches, or called to create and help society. These women have great power to train others, they are leaders and have great opportunities for self-actualization and growth. They are creative and do well in business.


The cycle of the Red Moon is also called the Cycle of the Wise Woman. Its representatives focus their creative energy outside - on others and need to help. They love to be surrounded by loyal friends and are great mentors. The Red Moon is also deeply associated with sexual energy. Women who bleed on the Full Moon are very potent and have been punished in the past for their unbridled sexuality. If your menstruation occurs on the Full Moon, then you are in such a stage of your life in which you have the maximum strength for growth, creativity, leadership, as well as the transfer of already gained experience.


White Moon


The White Moon cycle is when you bleed during the new moon. This is considered to be the most common type of cycle and it is most strongly associated with the moon. This is because on the New Moon, the Moon resets to begin its growth cycle again, just as menstruation ends a period and then a new cycle begins. For this reason, women in the White Moon are often called mothers, being closest to the Moon and Mother Nature.


If you are bleeding on the New Moon, then most likely you are in a period when you are thinking about starting a family and having a child. Even if you don't realize it, your body is preparing and needs just that. Bleeding on the New Moon, your ovulation coincides with the Full Moon, which is the most fertile period, both in your body and in the energy influence of the Moon. It helps you further in the process of conception, if you have such an intention.


The women of the White Moon cycle draw energy inward and use it to deepen their emotional, mental and spiritual energies. The patriarchal society gladly welcomes such women because they are the most accurate fit of his idea of ​​a mother and housewife.


What if you don't bleed on either the Full Moon or the New Moon? Then you are in one of the transit periods - Pink or Purple Moon.


Pink Moon


If you bleed during a rising moon (between New Moon and Full Moon), you are in sync with the energy of the Pink Moon. This means that you are in a period of transition from one stage of your life to another. As the moon rises, it gradually goes from darkness to light and expands. You are probably coming out of a darker period of your life or a period of rest, hibernation, and gradually your strength is returning. It is a time for renewal of both the physical body and the spirit and psyche. Think about it, haven't you been in a shadow until now, from which you are now slowly coming out ?!


Purple Moon


A purple moon is when you bleed during a waning moon - between a full moon and a new moon. This is again a transitional period of life, but in the opposite direction. As the moon diminishes, it goes from light to darkness, and its energy gradually runs out. This can symbolize the end of a career, the end of a period of life, as well as the rediscovery of your inner shadow. You may feel the need to be alone, to rest and to reflect on the past or the future! You may suddenly find everything that no longer serves you and want to get rid of it!


The bleeding period is a true mirror of our inner being. Remember, however, that the menstrual cycle can change its duration and bleeding can occur at different times! It is a lifelong process. It is very likely that you even bleed on a different moon every month - once Red, once White, once Pink… If your menstruation is constant and confirms which moon you are in, then you can make more realistic and long-term conclusions about the period of life, in who you are and accordingly give your body what it needs. The menstrual cycle is extremely delicate and depends on many factors - stress, diet, exercise, lifestyle, age, hormone levels, etc. One thing is for sure - the body never lies, so we must listen to it and hear what it wants to tell us, being connected to a certain phase of the Moon!

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