Saying Machu Picchu bye, we knew what awaited us to reach our next destination, Huakachina. Before us was a long distance of almost 900 km, which meant only one to us - long days of stopping. We set off for at least 4-5 days, considering the Peruvians' reluctance to get us in their cars.

The first 50 kms were easy and fast, thanks to a young and kind Peruvian representative. Lunch was followed at a restaurant whose plate boasted a guinea pig specialty (we did not eat peacefully!) And continued to the exit of the small town we were in. There were also no 10 minutes when a TIR stopped and told us that it was going where we were headed. We jumped for joy, even more so when we realized that we would not want money for the service. 21 hours followed in the TIR bodywork, along the mountain roads surrounded by beautiful panoramas and a long night in which I, Anton and Antonio (tirade), shared a two-story TIR bed and listened to Reggeton.

We finally arrived in Ika. City of 5 km from Huacachin. And what actually is Huakachin, it might pop into the minds of some of you that made us go that long distance? Huacachina is an oasis in the Atacama Desert, located in southern Peru. The oasis is surrounded by tall, white, sand dunes that are perfect for sandboarding. So this is what made us travel so many miles - our desire to try something new. We rested for the rest of the day from the long journey and prepared for the next day.


We got a motorcycle - a taxi, which turned out to be the only option for going to the oasis. 20 mines later, we were already surrounded by tall palm trees and high spirits, in the middle of the desert, beneath the towering dunes above us.

Immediately, we were "grabbed" by tour agencies offering extreme walks along the dunes and downhill boards. Of course, we avoided the courtesy of the agencies again this time. We went ahead in search of something cheaper. We found a small shop with a kind saleswoman, offering along with cold, tempting drinks and dive boards. Her offer was 10 soles (5 BGN) all day long. Great! The day is ahead! We said to ourselves, and rushed forward into the wilderness.

We chose the wildest dune, with no people down sharply. This is the moment to insert that neither I nor Anton have ever taken advantage of the challenges of the downhill ski runs in Bulgaria. We've never tried snowboarding before.

We climbed the sand-dune board, smeared the wax board to make it slide as quickly as the woman instructed us and the show began. We were definitely determined to learn how to descend.

There is nothing to hide, the first attempts were more than unsuccessful. We rolled for a long time, slid on our backs and "ate" the sand until we learned to keep our boards straight and keep our balance. After each subsequent attempt, the sweeter part came - climbing back up the high dune.

Experience after attempt, Anton and I patiently waited for one another and pointed out our mistakes as if we knew something about sandboarding.

That day, the "baby in us" was back. We descended continuously without even thinking of rest until we were hungry. We rested for 30 mines with avocado and bread and headed back to the track.

New attempts have begun, gradually lingering on the board for a longer time. Here, after long and continuous attempts, things finally started to turn out as we had imagined them.

After six and a half hours descending the almost vertical dune, the cold wind of the desert gradually began to "attack" us. It is time to send the sun, which has given us such beautiful, unforgettable and exciting emotions during the day and part with the oasis.

We left Huakachin with a few pounds more than sand and sores all over our bodies, but happy and childishly happy from the day we so unpredictably tried and learned something new.

It follows: In the middle of the clouds at the Cordillera Blanca

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