The application is open until 30 June!


Baba Residence - the popular and nationally recognized initiative of Factory for Ideas, for the fifth consecutive year, will organize the stay of 20 socially engaged youth in adult households in villages across Bulgaria.



This year's "Residence" will be from 23 August to 15 September in the villages of Negovanovtsi, Sinagovtsi and Koshava in the Vidin area.


The message of the initiative to future participants is BRIDGE wanted: Complement the idea of ​​3 villages in the Northwest! Their main mission is to create an authentic "bridge" of interaction and solidarity with local elderly people, to assist in daily work and to document local stories and needs of the village. Participants will question and experience popular clichés and stereotypes for the area. As the crown of 21, their daily cohabitation in the village is the work on a social or cultural-entrepreneurial idea that helps solve a host village problem.

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All stages of Baba Residence 2019 years include:


        • application for participants - until 30 June 2019;
        • participants' preliminary training - 23 - 26 August 2019;
        • Baba's Residence at 3 Villages - 26 August 08 - 15 September 2019;
        • farewell events in the villages organized by the participants - 13 - 15 September 2019;
        • Social Innovation Incubator (working on ideas) - October 2019;
        • opportunity to present ideas to the community and investors at the International EMPATHEAST Forum - October 2019, Plovdiv.


Bulgaria is among the countries with the highest levels of rural depopulation in Europe. In Bulgarian villages live to 26.5% of the population of our country (according to NSI data from 2017). Creating bridges of authentic intergenerational solidarity, urban and rural culture in an innovative way is one of the main focuses of the Idea Factory in most of its initiatives.


In this sense, the Baba Residence is an open meeting, in search of useful points of contact, with the local community and culture and contemporary culture, in order to meet urgent needs and launch new social and cultural-entrepreneurial initiatives in the villages.

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