Paleo is a diet especially popular in recent years, recommended by experts as one of the healthiest regimens. It is based on the idea of ​​how the ancient people fed before the discovery and development of agriculture. Their diet consisted mainly of vegetables, fruits, seeds, game and fish, and cereals, dairy and processed foods were completely absent.

Paleo questions current notions of healthy eating. While most diets focus on whole grains, Paleo claims that they are the ones that make us fat, and suggests replacing pasta, breads and processed foods with "natural" ones (vegetables, nuts, meat, seeds, eggs, fruits, milk ). Paleo strongly opposes vegetarianism and fat-free diets, as meat and animal fat help the human body defend against disease, improve metabolism, and build our muscles.

The Paleo regimen is recommended for sick or obese people, but not for active athletes, since their workouts require the consumption of slow carbohydrates and fast-releasing proteins, foods that Paleo denies.

And despite the controversial opinions of nutritionists on Paleo nutrition, one thing is undeniable - the benefit of so-called. Paleo bread. It is an interesting combination of nuts and nuts, eggs, vinegar and a natural sweetener. Some of them are added banana, pumpkin, lemon, even tea. Here are some interesting recipes you can easily prepare at home:

1 / Paleo almond bread

Necessary products:

1 h almond flour

¾ h Ground linseed

3 eggs

¼ glass of water

2 olive oil

. Tsp soda

¾ tsp Apple vinegar

Himalayan salt

Mix the dry and liquid ingredients in separate bowls, then mix them together. Pour everything in a greased pan and bake 30-35 minutes on 180о. Allow the bread to cool before slicing.


Ingredients Required:

7 eggs

1 med

3 Almond oil

3 coconut oil

2 flax flour

3 almond flour

½ tablespoon coconut flour

½ tablespoon soda

Himalayan salt

Mix dry and liquid products alternately. Bake 35 minutes in preheated to 180о oven. Allow the ready-made bread to cool down 15 minutes before removing it and breaking it.

3 / Carrot cake with nuts


220 grated carrots

2 eggs

100 grinded nuts

150 Cereal flour of your choice

1 backpacker

150 coconut oil

200 grilled dates (you can replace them with raisins or other dried fruits)

Mix all the ingredients well with the last flour added. Bake in a greased cupcake, preheated to 180о oven for about an hour.

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