In the history of Bulgarian feature films there are glorious periods of rise and grandeur. The 70 and 80 years of the 20 century are marked with unforgettable movie titles that remain recognized as timeless Bulgarian classics - "Yesterday", "Orchestra without a Name", "The Boy Goes Away", "With Children at Sea" At night with white horses. "

 The series "War of the Hedgehogs", based on the Mormarevi Brothers' Children's Novel, brings back fond memories and smiles to this day. After 1990, Bulgarian cinema was entering a period of decline. In the process of change and due to lack of financial resources, filming and serials are dramatically reduced. After 2007, there is a tangible awakening. It was then that the image of Bulgarian cinematographic art, influenced by the European and Western models, gradually began to catch up with the lost and to acquire modern dimensions.

The success of the series "Glass House" and "Undercover" undoubtedly attracted the attention of Bulgarian viewers and carried the flame of hope that there is a future for new Bulgarian feature films. Thanks to these productions, it became clear that Bulgarian cinema has taken a decisive step forward in modern innovative technologies, guaranteeing impactful visual presentation and touching scenarios.

 What other serials have won the sympathy of the Bulgarian viewer?

"Tree of Life"

The Tree of Life is based on Vladimir Zarev's novel of the same name, Being. When we have an impeccably talented cast with a well-established value scenario, success is no more than certain. The Tree of Life is a poignant account of human relations that traces the fates of members of the Valtchev family whose characters are revealed and subsequently grow. Spectators witness a clash of strong characters, which creates controversy and deep drama. Family - personal dramas and contradictions are played against the backdrop of key events in Bulgarian history, which further exacerbates the impact. Starring are some of the most beloved Bulgarian stars: Vladimir Karamazov, Hristo Shopov, Teodora Duhovnikov, Louisa Grigorova, Koyna Ruseva, Bashar Rahal, Monyo Monev. The series was filmed in two seasons. The second is no less saturated with excitement and dramatic decoupling. In the sequel, the cast is joined by Kalin Vrachanski and Simeon Lyutakov, who bring a solid dose of freshness and cause shaky twists. Directors are Todor Chapkanov, Zornitsa Sofia Popgancheva and Alexander Kosev. The series is inspired by the book Genesis, but the script does not fully adhere to it, which means that book lovers who have already watched the series can safely read the book as the fates of the characters in it are different from those on screen. .

Z Revolution: Sex, Lies and Music

"Revolution Z: Sex, Lies and Music" is a fresh comedy that touches on some serious topics between laughter and teasing and shows that not everything is beautiful and carefree in the world of teenagers, but despite problems one has to love music and carry it inside. The fates of the main characters unfold over four seasons, during which time the individual characters manage to go through different obstacles that inevitably lead to their personal growth. The Revolution Z: Sex, Lies and Music stands out as a colorful flower among the new Bulgarian serials, in which crime and power struggle in modern society are central. The story of Revolution Z: Sex, Lies and Music is an intriguing emotional series of love, jealousy, sadness, intrigue, friendship, sex, rivalry, rebellious spirit, empathy, dreams, anxieties. Along with the problems of teenagers, viewers also get an idea of ​​the difficult daily life of teachers at 197 Hristo Botev High School, who reveal themselves to be infinitely colorful and positively unpredictable, thus contributing to the series' colorful and enjoyable impact. The credit for the success of the production goes to the directors Dimitar Gochev and Zoran Petrovski and the screenwriters Teodora Vassileva and Georgi Ivanov, who are "guilty" of another unique project that has won the hearts of the television audience - the series "The Family". The cast is dominated by celebrities from the Bulgarian theater scene such as Julian Vergov, Silvia Petkova, Stefka Yanorova and Georgi Kadurin. The series also allowed new talents to stand out. Nikola Stoyanov (Tino), Ivan Tishev (Bobby), Julia Bocheva (Ani), Mona Nedeva (Mira), Ivan Ivanov (Philip) demonstrate enviably good acting and musical talent, which instantly won the hearts of Bulgarian viewers. Joy of the eye is also the participation of former model Dilyana Popova. She made her acting debut with the movie "" and later played a key role in the TV series "Glass House". Having gained more experience in front of the camera, Popova shows more confidence and established acting skills as a physical Marinova teacher, who repeatedly falls into a love triangle and a series of confusing and disturbingly fun situations.

The family

"The Family" is another worthy addition, which shows that the genre of psychological drama - mystery is not alien to Bulgarian directors and screenwriters. The series addresses some of the most pressing problems for Bulgarian society, most notably the issues of transition and oligarchy. The Family tells of the dramatic fate of journalist Stefan Markov (Assen Blatechki), whose beloved Iva (Radina Kardzhilova) disappears without a trace. Years pass, but neither police nor private detectives find the cause of her abrupt disappearance. Various doubts and assumptions are being stolen, and the thought of Iva becoming the victim of a brutal murder is becoming more intrusive. Stefan starts his own investigation, which brings him to the famous Arnaudov family. It is headed by Boris Arnaudov (Danailov) - a powerful businessman, a former DS agent who loves his family, respectful, charismatic and ruthless. In the course of a series of events, masks begin to crack and the mysteries and sins of the past gradually emerge. Particularly contributing to the success of the production is the wonderful cast, which includes Stefan Danailov, Asen Blatechki, Yana Marinova, Vanya Tsvetkova, Tsvetana Maneva, Antoni Argirov, Radina Kardzhilova. The young star Ivo Arakov (in the role of Tony Velev) manages to shine not only with talent but also in an attractive appearance that would hardly remain invaluable by the female audience

"Fourth power"

The Fourth Power is the first contemporary Bulgarian political thriller to be aired in the series. It addresses the subject of power, politics, corporate business and the media. The main purpose of the series is to paint a realistic, albeit gloomy picture of Bulgarian politics and journalism. The script, made by Alexander Chobanov, Alexander Spasov, Vanya Nikolova and Velislava Popova, is multifaceted, intriguing, approaching dangerously close to reality, and the conversations are marked by a remarkable set of expressive means, colorful metaphors and hidden allusions. The actors we see in the lead and supporting roles are able to brilliantly translate into their onscreen images. The Fourth Power is the name of a print medium that employs a team of investigative journalists who are fully committed to their profession. They seek to expose various crimes occurring on the territory of Bulgaria - from petty larceny to large-scale fraud on state funds, corruption and manipulation in the distribution of government procurement, covert murder, mass espionage programs and more. The actors who shape the series are Atanas Atanasov, Mikhail Bilalov, Deyan Donkov, Mila Parusheva, Hristo Shopov, Samuel Fintzi, Vladimir Penev, Vladimir Karamazov, Ana Papadopulu, Desi Morales and others. Directors are Stoyan Radev and Dimitar Kotsev-Shosho, executive producer - Nayo Titsin.

"Sex, Lies & TV: 8 Days a Week"

An analogue of "Fourth Power" is the series "Sex, Lies & TV: 8 days a week", which focuses again on the media, only television. This is the first Bulgarian series of the type of script reality (intertwining of real people and events with fictional plots), shot on the idea of ​​Lyuben Dilov-son. The main theme is the relentless battle between two competing televisions. In the name of the high rating, one uses dishonest methods and means contrary to journalistic ethics, while the other makes every effort to fight for these values ​​and morals and through them to be able to present to viewers an objective, unmanipulated, a picture of what is happening in the country. Against the background of this battle for supremacy, the fates of the heroes are revealed, who directly or indirectly find themselves involved in the world of television media. Among the merits of the series is that it offers many touching stories, focuses attention on various human destinies, talks about reflection, but also retains its freshness with a series of comedic moments that arouse sincere laughter. This is a story of love, sex, divisions, interests, betrayal, ambitions. Questions arise: do we live in a society of declining moral values ​​and how far are we willing to go in the name of career and high social status. The main roles are Yuri Angelov, Dimo ​​Alexiev, Dimitar Banenkin, Stefania Koleva, Biliana Petrinska, Anya Pencheva, Iskra Donova, Sanya Borisova-Ilieva and the young talents Evelin Kostova, Anton Grigorov, the singer and actress Marina Kiskinova and others. Hristo Stoichkov with his daughter Mika, the model Borisa Tyutyundzhieva and Miss Bulgaria 2006 - Slavena Vutova appear as guest stars.


"Unreleased" is a production of BNT 1, which aired for the first time in 2013. The series is a dramatic historical tale of magnitude that traces the battle for survival in the difficult fate that plagued Bulgarian Jews after 1940. under the influence of Nazi Germany accepts the so-called. A law to protect the nation, which marks the beginning of a long series of restrictions, persecution and violations of the human rights of Jews. The visual performance is high, with archive footage inserted at certain times, further enhancing the impact and helping the viewer quickly and easily become accustomed to the atmosphere of this bygone era. The production also pays tribute to the image of teacher Peter Dunov, who is also inserted as a key figure. As well as The Tree of Life, the so-called Unreleased series, which refers to the genre of historical drama, enjoys remarkable popularity among Bulgarian audiences. The merit goes to the producer Miroslav Borshosh, the screenwriter Emil Bonev, the directors Vito Bonev and Ivan Mitov, as well as the diverse cast of notable actors, which include Marius Kurkinsky, Yavor Baharov, Vladimir Penev, Stefan Valdobrev, Lidiya Indzhiteri Ind. Spectators are also pleased to touch the charisma in the convincing play of the outrageously talented Kamen Donev.

Mitrani's Office

Mitranni Law Firm is the first Bulgarian lawyer series in which we have the pleasure of seeing in the lead role the incredibly charismatic actor Lyubomir Mladenov. He embodies the image of Berto Mitrani, a blind city lawyer with extensive experience and knowledge who has not lost a case since 1980, without resorting to corruption and other dishonest methods. The problem of sight does not prove to be an obstacle in solving complicated cases, since Bertho has several reliable comrades besides himself. One is his guide dog, named Ziggy, and the others are his young assistant in the law firm, lawyer Boris Vidolov, newly graduated student Milena Hadjiyska, and longtime secretary, Ms. Tabakova. The cast seems simple, but at the same time is impeccably talented. In each episode, the main characters are confronted with intriguing cases, in which different fates intertwine, focusing attention on the purely human life dramas and problems of ordinary people. The leading roles are actors Atanas Mihailov, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Iskra Donova, Petya Silyanova, Ivo Arakov and others.


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