Join the first of its kind, outside of Bulgaria, Kuker Fest, organized by the Sly Peter-Los Angeles Production Company and the galaxy of talents associated with it: Petro Dushkov (producer), Maria Bobeva (actress) ) Peter Ivanov (Designer), Bilyana Yankulova (Artist), Ilian Pavlov (Light), Philip Petkov (Visualizations and Sound), and with the support of the Consulate General of the RB in Los Angeles, the Music Department at LA City College, " Bulgarian Traditions ”- Chicago, Bulgarian Cultural Center - Seattle and ELARTE - T ronto. This will happen in a private estate in San Diego, owned by Italian Basilio Seravolo and Bulgarian Maria Breshkova. For several years now, at the end of May, the cult status of the Balkan European Roots Festival has taken place. It is the work of the same group of creators and creators whose stage, in addition to local folk and jazz greats, enjoyed the hearts of the audience and guest performers from Bulgaria, from the rank of Valya Balkanska, Peter Yanev and the band "Oratnitsa".

The main idea of ​​the event is the children, and perhaps their parents, who will learn more about the Kuker traditions, origins, characteristic differences between Kukers in different regions, and related holidays and customs. They will have the opportunity to participate in workshops of their own Kuker - Avatar. At the end of the rounds, everyone, both children and adults, will participate in a play - a carnivalpublishers are two of the biggest names on the continent in the field of folklore - Konstantin Marinov (Kotzeto), creator of the largest festival of Bulgarian folklore ensembles in North America, Vereya Fest - Chicago and its analogue in Canada, by the Trakia ensemble and founder of the Dimitrovche ensemble, Dimitar Minkov. Both have dedicated their lives and work to maintaining the Bulgarian spirit among immigrant communities, to spreading Bulgarian culture among foreign communities. The most important thing in this case is to donate their knowledge to several schools, in the areas where they live and are colorful pets, small and big!

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14th edition of the Antistatic Festival

14th edition of the Antistatic Festival

Between May 28 and June 6, Sofia will host the 14th edition of Antistatic - live - which seems to be more important than ever. Between May 28 and June 6, Sofia will host the 14th edition of Antistatic - live, which seems to be more important than ever. After an extremely ...

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In order to create a truly world-class festival that will be attractive to representatives of international communities as well as to a wide age group, we have invited one of the leading Bulgarian music producers: Ivan Shopov Is a world - renowned electronic artist who has joined forces in this case Avigee female vocal formation. The formation comes specifically for Kuker Festa and will present his project "Kanatitsa", based on traditional Bulgarian folk songs and melodies. He is also known to some of you as the partner of Theodosii Spasov in their joint project Balkan.

Also in the list of artists are some of the great names of Bulgarian folklore in these lands - Milen Kirov. Many of you have heard of our illustrious pianist, composer and music professor at LA City College. There he has repeatedly collaborated with Ivan Shopov, whose piano sounds in the composition "Tudora" by "Balkansky" with Theodosius and Ivan! Donka and Nikolay Kolev, our luminaries in the field of traditional folklore that you most likely know from their Kabile and Bulgarika formations.

At the festival you will have the chance to learn from the talent of the galaxy of guests from around the world, including the creator of the anthem of the Al Burj Hotel in Dubai, the multi-instrumentalist, composer of film and gaming music and music producer - Vasco Ivanov (Dexter), known to Bulgaria and the Old Continent by the Junior Eurovision. The performance of the event, a collaboration with Maestro Evgeni Dimitrov, had 250 000 000 views in Europe. Having selected countless hip-hop awards in Bulgaria in recent years, upon his return from Dubai, he will collaborate with local musicians on a fusion project here. It will combine traditional dance music for people with more modern arrangements, instruments and sound, as well as with our other guests.


Another Axon Orchestra supergroup, with French violinist Fabrice You, gained popularity through MTV with its "Fishtank Ensemble". Also multi-instrumentalist Miles J., co-creator and music consultant for the soundtrack of one of the Oscar-nominated foreign films - Lebanon's Capernaum and flamenco guitarist virtuoso Dusty Broff, known to the Bulgarian public at the Balkan Festival in San Diego.


We are aware that the event coincides with school activities. We believe that this would be a great alternative for children, as they will learn a lot about the traditions associated with our roots in a fun and memorable way начин They will even leave with their own souvenir mask, made by themselves.


Author: Petro Dushkov

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