Animal Place, an abusive pet protection reserve in southern California, shelters Mr. G's goat. Mr G has been miserable for many years, along with the Jalibine cargo donkey, in the hands of unscrupulous farmers. Animal Place has never raised a donkey so far, so they only take the goat, and Jelybean is rescued by another animal welfare organization.


No one had any idea of ​​Mr. G's attachment to the other animal until they were separated. Mr. G stopped eating and did not go outside his sleeping area for 6 days. His physical condition is fine, but he still looks extremely dead and depressed. The people at Animal Place are convinced that Mr. G is grieving for his best friend Jellibean. One of the volunteers decided to spend 14 hours riding, to the other rescue organization and back to bring the donkey.


As soon as Mr. G hears the noise of the unloading truck, he sharpens his ears and goes out to see what's going on. His transformation is amazing! 20 minutes later she is already eating and looking totally happy! Check them out:

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