On January 30 from 17.00 online on the Facebook channels of the Cultural Center of Sofia University and "36 Monkeys, as well as "36 monkeys" on YouTube, will premiere and discuss the documentary "In the small big world of bats." The event, entitled "Bats: Horror and Reason," is dedicated to the need for a broader debate on the role of contemporary science and the arts in achieving truth and combating popular myths.


With their latest video project, the artists from "36 Monkeys" present the bold hypotheses of the batsman Antonia Hubancheva, which the doctoral student of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in love with flying mammals, is currently proving with her experiments. From the film we also learn how the professional activities of scientists and artists complement each other, how different sciences help each other and what scientists think about the connection between the pandemic and bats.

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Depicted for centuries in the key to the sinister, in the last year bats have become the subject of hysteria, as one of the potential sources of infection with COVID-19. However, these remarkable and endangered creatures amaze not only artists, but also scientists, who reveal more and more interesting facts about them. In "Bats: Horror and Reason", together with prominent researchers and artists, we will compare the popular image of flying mammals with scientific knowledge and ask: What is the reason for their bad image? And is it possible in the era of The truth culture and the arts to help restore confidence in science?


Antonia Hubancheva, ecologist, batsman and communicator of science, doctoral student at the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, co-author and scientific consultant of the film "In the small big world of bats" will take part in the event; Gergana Dimitrova, director and screenwriter; Prof. Leander Litov from the Department of Atomic Physics (SU), head of the team of Bulgarian scientists at CERN; Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Simov, entomologist from the National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Ivaylo Milenkov, physicist and composer; and ch. Assistant Professor Kiril Vassilev from the Department of Culturology (Sofia University), expert in the field of visual arts. The moderator of the event will be Prof. Alexander Kyosev, lecturer in "History of Modern Culture" at the Department of Cultural Studies and Director of the Cultural Center of Sofia University.

The event will start at 17.00 with the premiere of the film and will continue with the discussion from 17.45.

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