The Sofia Press Bookstore Gallery invites you to the exhibition "Adventures and Meetings in Parallel Worlds" by Alexandrina Ignatova. She is known mainly for her dedicated work as a set designer. In the forthcoming exhibition, the author includes, in addition to scenic designs, works mainly based on watercolor techniques and collected in several cycles: "Clowns", "Clowns and Muses", "Lost in the Carnival", as well as a series of impressions related to plein air "Kabile" ".


"Her works refresh us, act as small portions of happiness." lost quality - innocence… Sasha does not want to lift masks, to be meaningful, but wants us to be charmed together. This is a great privilege: to hold your viewers' hands and share your kindness with them. ”- Ivan Gazdov

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More about the author:


Alexandrina Ignatova was born in 1949. Graduated from Panayot Pipkov High School of Music, Pleven, major in violoncello, 1964 - 1968. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, major in "scenography" in 1976 under Prof. Assen Stoychev.


Creative realization:


1975 - Boyana Film Center - Five Plus One and The Cricket Song, directed by Maya Vaptsarova.
1977 - Screen Studio - The Boys of the Golden Lion, directed by Lyuben Morchev.
1977 - 1979 on the staff of the Silistra Drama Theater
1979 - 1981 on the staff at Lovech Drama Theater
1981 - 1982 on the staff of the Razgrad Drama Theater
1983 - 1986 on the staff of the Pleven Drama Theater
From 1986 to the State at the Nevena Kokanova Drama Theater, Yambol

Tours in DT Kyustendil, DT Vratsa, DT Bourgas, DT Montana, Youth Theater - Sofia, DT Stara Zagora


Performed over 200 theater productions, in association with directors:


1976 - 1979 Year:
Dimitar Ignatov - Silistra
Svetlana Atanasova
Stefan Staychev
Recep Sadakov


1979 - 1981 Year:
Hristo Krachmarov
Nikolai Polyakov - Lovech
Dimitar Gochev - Vratsa


1982 Year - Razgrad
Prof. Anastas Mikhailov
Prof. Dimitrina Gyurova and Nikolay Savov
Tsvetan Velev


1983 year - Pleven
Ilia Atanasov
Hristo Minchev
Mincho Sabev
Rosina Danchenko
Dimo Deshev


1985 - 2018 Year - Yambol
Vladimir Nikolov
Ivan Kondov
Diana Radeva
Russi Karabaliev
Lyubomir Dekovski - Burgas
Boyko Iliev
Bogdan Petkanin
Plamen Panev
Sasho Berovsky
Atanas Zhekov
Borislav Chakrinov
Velko Kanev
Vladimir Petkov


Since 1991 he has been annually set designer for the Velko Kanev Comedy Theater, Elhovo, directed by Valcho Yanev.


Set Design, Sofia - 1978 - 2001
Prague Quadrienale, Czech Republic - 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987
Scenography Exhibitions - Berlin, Germany;
Biennial - Novi Sad, 1984;
Set Design Symposium - Tokyo, Japan, 1984;
Independent Scenography Exhibition - Razgrad;
Solo exhibition "Set design" - Pleven;
Solo exhibition "Scenography" - Yambol;
Solo exhibition, watercolor - The Stenata Gallery, Sofia;
Solo exhibition, watercolor - Arosita Gallery, Sofia;
Solo Exhibition, Clown Watercolor - Viking Gallery, Sofia - 2005;
Solo Exhibition, Watercolor Clowns and Muses - Viking Gallery, Sofia - 2006;
Solo Exhibition Carnival Fragments - Viking Gallery, Sofia;
Solo exhibition "Lost in the Carnival" - Antract Gallery, Sofia;
Solo Exhibition, Watercolor - Museum of Art, Edirne Turkey;
Solo exhibition, watercolor - Izmir, Turkey, International Puppet Festival;
General exhibitions in Pleven, Yambol, Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Turin, Italy.
Works in private collections in Italy, France, USA, Germany, Norway, Finland.


Award for Overall Creativity - National Review of Bulgarian Drama and Theater, Silistra, 1979 for the play "Three Days Later" by Kolyo Donchev and Stefan Kozhuharov;
Youth-Awarded Play Award, Plovdiv, 1977;
Award for Overall Creativity, Pleven, 1985;
Union of Artists Gold Badge, 1987;


  • Place:


Gallery - Bookstore Sofia Press, Slavyanska Street 29


  • Weather:  2nd to 20th December 2019


Opening: 2 December November, Monday, 17.30


The exhibition will run until December 20.

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