Peiko was a great man, even smart, smiling, with a big heart. Many girls around him looked around, but he wouldn't. He wanted a wild girl who lived alone in the forest and all the birds and animals followed and protected her. No one knew where this girl had come from and what she was doing and wandering around the mopkins all day. It was heard that it was the daughter of the sun, but no one knew what that meant!

Most people were even a little scared of her. Some did not want to see her, others spoke to her, and even the most fearsome insisted on the royal councils to take measures and bring the savage to the Island of the white girdles, where her place was! If you ask them: - "Why with the girdles and why is there a place for them?" - all the present would answer: - "Because she is different and dangerous, just like the girdles!" Nothing that any of them had seen the girdles and everything they only knew about the exaggerated and retelling of the other choruses.

So this girl Peiko wanted for a bride. And let me tell you, Peiko wanted something to do with his foot so that his boot sank into the ground, his eyes became like glass shields, and every cell of his body was soaked! He was not afraid of the Whirlwind, walking day and night in the woods with her. He was curious what this girl was doing in this forest.

She did not let him close, but he did not. So Peiko began to observe and investigate her from afar. She looks at her early in the morning, before the Dawn fades, becomes our whirlwind of hairy hair, covered with white knotted rags, and heads for the waterfall. At first rays, she sits quietly on the shore, and after a minute or so, no forest creatures begin to crouch and sit beside her, by the water. The morning breeze combs her hair and the white rags puffs and rearranges as they look like royal clothing. At the same time, cool splashes from the waterfall pop up from the fog of morning mist, painted in the morning colors and wash their delicately delicate and beautiful face.

It was not until all animals from all depths of the forest took their places that the Vihra began to sing with all its might. Her voice echoed and echoed across the mountain until she reached Peake's kingdom. But already as a muffled trembling that no one, not even the earliest, could hear with their ears, but everyone felt like a blessing in their hearts.

The Whirlwind sings and sings, and light shines through it in all the colors of the rainbow, mixed with sparkling splashes and flashing bubbles. The light it became so big that not only the waterfall, but the animals and the woods, and the drummer with Peiko, all lit up and burned, and they became a light soul, pleasant.

Hey, that's the kind of thing Vihra did out of the woods. And yet, herbs were also picked up and handed over to healers in the kingdom, but only to those who had the courage to come to chase her under the hood.

Peiko decided one morning at the waterfall that this girl wanted a royal bride and put her foot in the ground.

And so, at the wedding, it was Peake's family today and yes, the savage family. It turned out that there were others like her "strange creatures" as the people called them. Vihra's relatives came together from all over the world and poured into the royal court of Peyk, who were marveling and clever from where.

. . .

Both of them, Peiko and Vihra, were born with their daughter - Iskra. One day, as the three were walking through the woods, they were attacked by robbers and abducted the infant from the hands of the bewildered Peiko.

In the 33 kingdoms of the north, it was very advantageous to sell children because the women there did not conceive easily, and their untold riches made them look like a foreign child, so that they were forcibly taken from their native root.

Our thugs were lost on the ridge of the mountain, and from 30 days went on and on without a direction, without a single vertebra falling into their hands. Just yesterday they had set out on the right path home and hung up their noses, were exhausted, dragged through the woods. The young family of Peiko and Vihra stood in the way of their suddenness as a "manna of heaven," which infused strength and mad joy in their dried up veins. Without thinking, the headman swung the bundle of Sparks in one go, and within seconds the bandits burst into the shubrak. They left Peiko and Vihra with gaping mouths and tears on streams on their faces.

The robbers were not bad people, but in their kingdom, in the 33 kingdoms of the north, it was not easy for children to conceive, and it was twice as difficult to make a living. They were lazy, too, many think what to do, that they decided to market businesses with children from distant kingdoms. They led a Spark into a gallop and their leagues flowed as they imagined they would be warm in plenty of food and entertainment.

On the way, however, they were greatly distressed. As they passed, they suddenly fell into a two-meter hole and their horses collapsed into a muddy trench with broken legs and glazed eyes. At that moment, a huge hawk swiftly descended from the sky, took the baby with the bundle and raced with a powerful scream inside the forest. Crazed thieves couldn't think, close their mouths.

This work was from Vihra's oath. She called it a heavy oath by the waterfall. His daughter Iskra swore: - "Let it all be with her, good people to feel it and to live her life, as it was ordered from the soul!" This oath swept through the forest, parted with grasses and centuries-old logs, swept by the wind, soaked in animals and birds, merged with the water, and suddenly everything grew and breathed and began to protect the Spark in the forest. The badgers dug the ladder, the deer covered it with branches, the wind directed the bandits, and the hawk circled brightly from heaven, until it was time for the Robbers' spark to take away.

For a long time the hawk flew with the bundle, over lakes and gorges, over rivers and streams, forests and meadows, kingdoms and farms, until at last the sun said, "Here it is!" The hawk perched on the naked meadow and gently dropped the baby among the enchanting herbs and herbivores. The baby burst, and the hawk flew with a scream quite back into the sky.

In the distance, a man and a woman, workers from the nearby kingdom, were walking and saw a hawk doing them. Hearing crying in the grass, they hurried to see what was happening! They found the Spark and made her look at her as her own, that for a long time the woman could not pick up her husband's seed and raise her own fruit. They enjoyed Iskra, they named it Nevyanka - they gave their lives for her.

. . .

Not a year or two ago, Nevyanka's mother realized that she was empty! Oh what a miracle of miracles! Our Grozdanka, happy mother, would become happy - she would become a real woman! Not that she was not the mother of the found Nevyanka, but the child shouted: "It's different, from your seed and womb to come out!"

From day to day Greya Grozdanka became more and more radiant, she always clung to her belly, she always uttered words loudly about the unborn child. She, Nevyanka, loved her again. And she gave kindly and gladly for her… But the feeling for her own child was different, she became kinder, kinder to her somehow before she was even born.

Nevyanka started to feel this work, but she kept shouting: - When my brother or sister is born, she will understand that our mother is always in the same light and particles.

Venko was born and began to ask for everything, every toy, every caress and a kind word. Nevyanka worshiped him, and her parents almost smirked at them! Grozdanka and her husband began to pay more and more attention to him, and he was somehow kinder and more dexterous to them.

Nevyanka was not angry with them, but offensive at times. One day, she decided to talk to her mother and ask her why Venko was kinder and more accomplished, and they were both their children.

Grozdanka was surprised at the bride's question, but could not answer. The feeling was inexplicable - one of your own flesh and blood was, and the other, nothing that you raised it, was somehow alien.

“Mom!” Nevyanka said, “Your heart is so big that you can enlighten every mother on earth with your mother's love, even the worst sin she has done. Why are you closing it and keeping only Venko? "

"I don't understand you," Grozdanka said. - "I love the people, my loved ones and those in distress, but this is another love. My mother's love was tested only by Venko!

"It's no different, mother! It is all motherly love, but it is convoluted, bound in a belly to sit and caress only for the children of its own flesh and blood. If you untie her mother, you will love all the people on Earth, how you love Venko, and for the first time you will see that one sparkle shines on everyone in the bodies! "

And so the days went by, and it became more and more painful for Nevyanka, and her mother and father became increasingly angry. She closed herself, her eyes darkened, the flowers faded and the birds stopped singing. Past years. Nevyanka stopped talking to her mother and father completely and kept telling her that Venko loved him more than she did.

. . .

She married Nevyanka for a hardcore boy, her son was born, Pank - kind, good, for a miracle and a tale! After another year, they found an orphan in the woods and picked him up as a caretaker.

An early bride woke up from the sweat all over, her eyes just popping out, and her mouth yawned to the ground.

She got up hurriedly and walked around the house, but a thought of peace did not leave her, her soul gnawed inside and the hair on her back straightened. Nevyanka loved her Panko more than the found Dilyanka! Somehow you were kinder and more likeable to her… Nevyanka realized that she had been angry with her mother and father for so many years for no reason. She has reproached them in vain for so many years and has not even seen them for so many years, and her brother Venko does not even know if he is alive or dead!

On top of that, it was nasty and sad for Nevyanka that her Panko was thicker than Dylanka's found - somehow kinder to her, more nimble. She didn't know what to do or where to get away from those "wolves" where their soul was torn apart.

They left Panko and Dilyanka to study to study further. Visible people to get up. At that time, Nevyanka was completely eclipsed - neither in the yard nor in the house was her anya. She wandered like a ghost, her belly, oiled and scattered. The flowers were withered, the birds stopped singing, the frogs stopped moaning, and the animals became thin and barely moving.

They came home for Christmas on the previous day Panko and Dilyanka and what to see! The whole yard was raging, junk scattered in all directions. Their old dog's skull was rolling naked in front of the door. And by the hood, one of their fir trees greeted them with a sling on one side only, with carelessly tossed, scooped garlands torn by the wind like a cracked feather. They looked at Panko and Dilyanka, shook them and shook their heads and wondered and wondered: What's up? What is that demon whose mother strikes them?

They went inside without being greeted by anyone except the smell of rotten and burnt, mixed with a small breath of barn.

They decided to leave the country as soon as possible and see what kind of job their so-so mother was wasting.

Panko and Dilyanka have lived with their mother. To please her, to look at her, to give her, and to give her with care, but she, her empty Nevyan, was never pleased. It's about picking and slashing something. She did not say two good words for Pank, but not for Dilyana a word. She was always wrong and thanked her for something.


It turned so 5-6 Christmas and on the seventh, in the afternoon, our bride went out to take a walk, the sun to stroke her. Just as you were walking about with your eyes nailed to the ground, Nevyana walked down a narrow path with a bent, old old woman swinging between two wooden cars where her strong hands squeezed and helped her walk.

Taman to get her back together, the smiling old woman turned and with her eyes shining like glittering diamonds, sonically, Nevyanka congratulated and wished her Happy Holidays. Nevyanka was startled by the gentle word of the unknown woman, smiling, and it became a light heart, one humorous and a laugh.

She returned home and straight at her found daughter Dilyanka set off. They sat opposite each other by the Christmas fire, gazed into their eyes, clinging to their hands, and all of Nevyanka, who was weighing on Dilyanka's heart, confessed. She told her how our mother and father knew her. K.even if a hawk had left her in the fields, and Grozdanka and her husband found her and raised her as their own. And then how was Brother Venko born to her and her mother Grozdanka loved him more. And she, little by little, was angry, and she would not see us, hear us in so many years, until she realized, that her Panko is kind of beloved, and he is being hit from the found Plot. N.your collar was sweeter and more accomplished ...

Dilyana listened, listened… She listened and wiped her mother's tears. A gentle smile beautified her face and her eyes glowed softly, and it seemed as if she even came out of them. soft, gentle warmth. The heat spilled from her, hugging her mother and Neviana from heel to forehead and back.

"Mom!" Dilyana thought, "Listen to me! You are angry with Grandma Grozdana, because your mother's love is also bent, you are in a tummy. That's why Panko is more than I am. And your heart is so big that you can enlighten with your mother's love every single person on earth, even the one where the worst sin has been committed, even by Grandma Grozdana! "

She looked at Nevyan, and from her heart as if thousands of stones had scattered and her soul had fallen. She took in an air as deep as she had never absorbed before, her whole body lightened, as never before. The silhouette of the silhouette delineated the whole trembling and faint light. Her mother Love all worlds shone. Flowers blossomed, she sang the forest and warmed Neville's soul.

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