Dimitar Karanikolov is an architect, photographer and passionate traveler. He graduated from UACEG (University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy) and then went to Rotterdam where he completed an internship at an experimental kinetic architecture studio. She lives and works in London for several years, but returns to Bulgaria to discover her hidden opportunities and freedom to be a freelancer. It deals with architectural visualizations of future buildings. He says they are like preliminary pictures of already finished buildings.

His photographs are extremely authentic and look like instant flashes of consciousness - as if his lens were in the right place and at the right time. He has visited endlessly interesting places on earth: Japan, China, Peru, Borneo, Morocco, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iceland, Jordan, Singapore and has captured them in a frame. One of his most interesting adventures is the photographic workshop in Mongolia, organized by Timothy Allen. Recently, Dimitar was nominated for an Audience Award for Travel Photography in the annual National Geographic competition. It fulfills the dream of millions of people. More - than himself.

Is it a question of zodiac and DNA a constant desire for travel?

More than likely! It is certainly more a matter of desire than of time and resources. Some people just don't like to travel and they don't like the unknown. Others, like me, do not like to stay in one place for a long time.

The Valley of the Temples - Bagan

Gozo Island salt marshes

United Arab Emirates

How is a photographic workshop going?

There are different types of photo workshops. The ones I go to are more like expeditions. Sometimes the organizers / leaders have also not set foot in the places where we go and it is equally exciting for themselves. There is time for lectures on a particular photographic topic. We look at famous authors and different styles, we have photos - tasks that we need to accomplish during the day, and in the evening we make an analysis of the shot and show and comment on the best shots of each participant.


Do you have any anticipation for new places to visit?

Of course! Nowadays there is information about everything. I have a brief idea of ​​what awaits me, but very often I improvise on the spot and find new ways and things to do, and in most cases I am pleasantly surprised.

Do you travel alone when you are not at a photography workshop?

I travel all the time - and with friends in a large group, sometimes alone. In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages. When I am alone the focus is more on photography and casual encounters, and when I am with friends it is more on the fun experience.

Maspalomas, Canary Islands



The mouth of the Veleka River


The moment when you are truly thankful for what you have ...

I try to tune into this wave quite often. I am grateful for my path so far and sometimes find myself wanting too much instead of being content with what I have!

Do you incorporate yourself and your spirit into the photos?

Is it possible to do anything creative at all without one's "spirit"?

Does your photo happen to be better than the shot?

Almost always! Isn't that the point of photography (other than the reportage) - to present something that exists from a better, more interesting and exciting angle?

To what place is your soul drawn most strongly?

Far from the urban environment and closer to nature. I love the Rhodopes very much!

Gabritsa village, Smolyan region

Do you agree that the eye of the photographer (as with artists) sees things that others do not see?

Yes… and this is normal! The eye is like a muscle that trains to "see" better and be more sensitive. It has been proven that people who work with color and light see more shades.

Do you think filming is a talent and a high level of dedication?

No! I don't think photography is very complicated. Anyone with a sense of composition, color and basic technical knowledge can make a great shot, especially if it's in an interesting place!

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What do you do outside of the numerous engagements and photos?

I'm an architect, but I do a lot of other side things. I only shoot for pleasure and when I am in the mood it is my escape from everyday life.

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