An effective cure for the massive epidemic of Golemoprazie in the country is being sought

After investing in two successful issues, hundreds of "change makers" invested time, effort and inspiration in solving publicly relevant topical issues in the 7 region throughout Bulgaria, "The Challenge to the Social Factory of the Ideas Factory" reunites active citizens in an unequal battle with the unexpected end against Big Leak and through 2016.

"The challenge of social change"Factory for ideas"Will bring together teams across the country to solve pressing issues in a variety of fields, investing their knowledge, time and resources in four charity days - from 10 to 14 June 2016. Teams dive into a true adventure where receive the mission of 10 on the evening of June in the city where they are registered, and then embark on a journey towards solutions that must be innovative (created with the people concerned) and sustainable. This year the initiative is happening in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and the areas around them.

The Challenge for the Social Change of the Idea Factory is an original Bulgarian idea already presented in 9 countries (Brazil, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Uzbekistan) which provides a simple framework for creating innovative solutions to the complex problems facing contemporary societies. In the adventurous 4 day format, pre-registered teams receive a mission: a problem (defined with the help of people, organizations, institutions involved) who needs to research in detail on the ground to find an innovative, workable and adequate solution . Following on presentations to the local community, the on-going teams participate in the Ideas Camp, which brings together participants with a rich palette of mentors to help develop the idea and make it happen. Finally, the ideas are presented in the final Catapult - an event where the ideas meet support (financial, volunteer, resource), and come to fruition.

In both editions of The Challenge for the Social Change of the Ideas Factory in 2014 and 2015, over 350 participated in total, over 70 missions were distributed, and more than 20 problems came up with innovative solutions to varying degrees. realization.

Incubator for social innovation - teams

Incubator for social innovation - teams

This year, the theme of the Challenge for Social Change encourages the collective intelligence of signup teams to work on resolving topics that are relevant to our society, such as the full link between generations, the depopulation of villages, youth unemployment, the rights of small producers, the link between formal and non-formal education, quality urban environment, access to culture, ecology, access to quality healthcare and more.

"The biggest investors in what we call 'social good' can and should be people - people with different education, with different expertise and experience, from different cities, at different ages. Because only by mixing all this together, we can get an authentic response to authentic needs - like this one, to live in a more adequate environment that fosters social innovation. "Says Yanina Taneva, co-founder of Ideas Factory.

Team from Sofia - presentation

Team from Sofia - presentation

Solutions from past issues include both local case-specific solutions in the 7 cities in which the format is taking place so far, as well as systemic solutions to complex problems. The solutions sought are in the area of ​​social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and teams have an "angel" or mentor who can help them in their quest for a quality idea during the adventure.

Some of the most impressive results from past issues include the creation of the civic Thermal-Normal group (dealing with the case study: How can Sofia's thermal resources take their place in the city's economic and social life?), which has grown and functioned 10 months after the end of the 2015 Challenge for Social Change and more:

  •  Creating and developing a social and entrepreneurial brand of educational kit for children with dyslexia and educational difficulties through the use of dolls and fairytale scenarios - "Braided World" - produced by women over 50;
  •  Van - traveling workshops equipped with modern craftsmanship technologies (3D printers and machines) that help traditional craftsmen around the country have access to these technologies and combine tradition with technology;
  •  Creating a platform that connects children, teachers, parents and artists / graffiti artists in a shared process to create a common vision for improving the school environment;
  • Online play to optimize career choices among students in recent high school classes;
  •  A social enterprise and an integrated urban solution for youth with autism: a brand for seedlings produced during their therapeutic work and grown on music. The solution also includes a music garden in which isolated young people can communicate through large musical instruments with visitors to the garden, which is next to the experienced seedling fields;
  • Traveling cinema in the Roma neighborhoods of Rousse and others.

You can see much of the ideas generated so far and their development on

The ideas of the 2016 Challenge in its finalized version will be presented at the International Empathy-Driven Social Change Forum - EMPATHEAST, organized by the Ideas Factory this year in Vratsa, where are some of the most successful teams of the Challenge - Vratsa Software and Kakalashka crew, and the organizers hope to contribute to the gathering of new ideas potential in Europe's poorest region.

Those wishing to participate can register until 6 June

Not being able to get involved with direct involvement in four days, besides being able to support the solutions created, can help the Idea Factory to gather quality missionswho urgently need an innovative approach.

Submit your mission to us by 6 June HERE

This year, the Challenge for Social Change adventure will happen in the 6 city and the cities around them: Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa.

No matter where you are, you can register in another city.

You can also apply for "The Challenge of Social Change" to come to your city in 2017.

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