The universe, as an inexhaustible source of creative energy, often creates in the most bizarre ways and forms.

I had the privilege of meeting Grandpa Ali, a man with a "dinosaur" knowledge of the structure of the world and the laws of the universe. "Dinosaurs "because the accumulated knowledge, experience and recipes will disappear into oblivion with him at the end of his days. No heir. In my opinion there is no need. People like Grandpa Ali will hardly be needed at this stage of the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We did not seek Grandpa Ali's help. We are directed to him by the parents of Pafka, who are skeptical of God, and spirituality, I would say, is mostly missing from their daily lives.

Grandpa Ali had touched their souls with the explanation that the negative manifestations in their midst were the result of a karmic birth curse that resulted from the separation of a child from his mother in the immediate history of the clan. The Curse has been inherited for 4 generations, as we are the third, and if we do not end it will now pass on to our children.

The effect of the "curse" on man is the following: more difficult or no connection with God and the Guardian Angels, and the corresponding derivatives; luck, job, family, health even.

According to Grandpa Ali, the connection with God, a person with such a "curse", needs to be restored immediately with the help of an ancient, powerful ritual for purifying light bodies, accompanied by an amulet of ancient, powerful prayers for opening the heart to Divine Love , as well as to prevent the negative thoughts and emotions of others.

The prayers were written in Hebrew, Arabic, and a language my grandfather called "Eden" (ed. Eden - Eden, Paradise), which spoke nothing to me, nor did I find information about it. According to Grandpa Ali, all these languages ​​are derived from Tibetan, and all religions are derived from Tibetan teachings.

Grandfather Ali studied both the Quran and the Bible thoroughly. Like a number of esoteric readings, including Lazarev's notorious books. The information, about people against himself, was found in books by his grandfather, translated from ancient Tibetan knowledge of Latin and Arabic. In those same books, in a point system I didn't understand, I checked to what extent and whether the curse had "cleared" after the ritual.

The ritual itself is a collection of 7 liters of water from seven different faucets (without tap). We took some of the water to him, where, in two glass bottles, Grandpa Ali stuffed prayers for purification. The water was carried out for several evenings - to spend the night in moonlight. Then whole body waterings are made for three days and then for 25 days. With the rest of the water, the face had to be rinsed. The end result: a process for the cleansing of bodies, minds and souls - started. Relationship with God and Guardian Angels restored.

When sending Grandpa, Ali kept saying, "Keep your spirituality! Keep Love in Your Heart! Not the love that everyone is chasing after the devil by the tail, but the real, Divine Love that drives the universe and the world. "

Grandpa Ali's "poetry" was interrupted by a water collector who asked him to pay 47 BGN for an 20 water cube, provided he did not water the garden and did not even have a boiler. One of the innumerable paradoxical events in our dear homeland.

An interesting man was Grandpa Ali. Hem spoke of Divine Love, except he himself did not practice it in his attitude, imbued with unspoken reproach, towards the collector, greedy Bulgarian politicians and ignorant, as he put it, Bulgarian and Turkish clergy. At the same time, he was imbued with faith and love for the work to which he had given his life, in aid of the "lost" souls on their journey to spiritual self-knowledge and self-realization.

I'm grateful for meeting Grandpa Ali! He appeared to us at the right moment to guide us again in the path of Love. The road we had already taken on our own, but lost in a moment, distracted by our own and others' negativity, prejudices, fears and tribulations. Put another way - Love manifests itself in the face of Grandpa Ali to bring us back to Himself.


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