I present to you a conversation with Nikola Rakhnev, in which we will talk about enthusiasm, motivation and initiative creation "When we become 100, we will plant a forest. " Extremely positive, penetrating and sharp mind. Nikola has experience in business development, sales, consulting services and most of all in presenting a dream. The dream of a better future for Bulgaria and preserving the balance in nature. Nikola will tell us how he keeps the spark of the idea alive and what is his biggest motivation.

Planting trees is like a blood transfusion, we help the source, our main air donor, to continue to live in balance with the extremely unbalanced and shaky world we have been creating lately. It is good that among the bad news, terror and destruction in the world, there is the unquenchable hope that we humans will not miss the end and that we will manage, that maybe we will be able to maintain harmony and give a bright future to our children…


When exactly did the idea for the FB Group come up and how did it go so far, setting an example for young and old in Bulgaria? 


The idea appeared at the end of 2011 and as it all started, first it was just potential, then it materialized, now it grows and develops like everything alive. I don't think we have gone very far. Yes, tens of thousands of people, including many children, have planted a tree with us, we have already planted and donated 170 trees, but with millions of new trees, this is a small part of the road. Of course, this was the most difficult part of the road, from now on it is much easier. And to get far, you want to have a clear goal, to move towards it and to persevere, creativity, inspiration and good planning help you move faster.


For about four years, you have been organizing events that are attended by hundreds of people. Tell us about organization and motivation? How do you reach everyone and what is needed to keep the fire in the souls of so many people?


All people come for their own sake, for their beliefs, because they want to plant a tree and do good. I call them good people because they are like that. So these good people just see the opportunity to do what they want and do it, and that's great for everyone. Fire burns in their souls. Of course nature, Bulgarian flags, sometimes bagpipes, tuples and people, kindle it so much that from the hearts of people, it fires into their eyes and smiles. The organization goes completely over the internet, especially through Facebook, almost everyone is there anyway - it's easy. Only people with hearts are there, and there are - we were also over 400 people on the ground.


What do you think is the real situation with the forests and nature parks in Bulgaria at the moment?


I always say that what we focus on is growing. So planting and promoting good in people is what I look at. It is better to light a candle to light our way than to curse the darkness. Bulgaria is a beautiful, well-wooded country that needs more good people and awareness in certain aspects, as well as the need to change precisely in the situation with forests and nature parks. I believe that change is underway and all that is good for Nature will happen.


You have the opportunity to meet and talk to many people around the various tree planting events. What do you think is the personal position of the residents of Bulgaria, active or passive?


I have dozens of friends and have communicated with hundreds of people about afforestation. People are different, but the part that plants trees is active. They do not wait for someone to save the Earth, they go out and act, setting an example for their children and the people around them. Of course, these are not all Bulgarians. We have had difficulty at certain periods or campaigns in gathering 50 people from the two million in Sofia. People are different. It is good to be grateful that there are those who are acting for good and those who are not acting, also for good.


What do you think is necessary to restore the balance of Man - Nature?



Great question. Balance is created by nature. In order to recover, at least as far as possible, an awareness is needed, a new way of thinking that is built on understanding and respect for the laws and principles of Nature. She, Nature is a perfect system and will restore it if we allow it. I believe unconditionally that this will happen - a mandatory stage in the development of civilization is! It is already happening, we are all part of this change. For example, it is a matter of time to ban plastic products, part of the packaging, many chemicals. See how entire industries are changing - energy, transportation and more.


Dream Nursery - a strong name, compelling and impressive. Tell us why it's a Nursery of Dreams, and why did you choose this area in the village of Malki Iskar (Etropole)? What is a Dream Nursery to surprise us with?


This is a natural extension of the initiative when you want to plant millions of trees. The most sensible, profitable and giving freedom is to produce them. And because he was dreaming, he came up with the name "Dream Nursery". Why there? Well, it's beautiful, even fabulous, clean, and there we found an opportunity - it was abandoned by the state. Somehow it was logical to bring this very place back to life. There will be many surprises. To grow 100-200 saplings a year, we will do many events there. We will count on everyone's help, we will also have environmental and social projects for growing food, herbs, festivals of tents under the stars (and there are millions - it's extraordinary!) And other, still unimaginative surprises.


How and where can volunteers and motivated enthusiasts get involved in planting or maintaining a nursery?


Find us on Facebook at "When we become 100 we will plant a forest" and on our page www.gorata.bg. We always announce both places for events. Do you have a way - call! Just stop! We will show you, drink tea or a glass of wine and we will be glad you visited us!


So far, over 125 500 trees have been planted. Do you have a plan for how they will be preserved and maintained? Who helps (communities, organizations, enthusiasts)?


130 have already been planted and 000 have been donated to 40 groups of children from schools and kindergartens in our autumn campaign "Thousands of trees for the children of Bulgaria", which ended a few days ago. For protection we rely on the state forestry, when we afforest on state terrains, as well as on the municipalities, when it is on municipal terrain. We also rely on people's consciousness. The next care is usually 000-400 years, including planting trees that have not caught. Enthusiasts also help, but the main role is played by the state and municipalities. Contrary to popular belief, there are also people with big hearts who care about the forest and the trees.


Photo: Vladislav Stoilov

Photo: Vladislav Stoilov


There is no better education than setting a good example in personal cases. You give an exceptional opportunity to young parents with an open mindset like you to actively participate in the creation and education of the young generation in Bulgaria. How do you see the future and what do you think we all need to contribute to achieve it?


The future is what we do - it depends on us. I would be happy and do my best to leave a BETTER EARTH for our children and one BETTER children for the EARTH! Anyone who thinks that one person can change anything - look for information about Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and more, and more.


Our kids will follow our examples, not our tips, so stay tuned!


Family, trees and free time?


If your family comes with you to plant trees together in your spare time, everything is in place. So it is with me, for which I am grateful! The time of all of us is exactly 24 hours a day and the priority is what we will have time for and who else will support our dreams, if not ourselves.


The tree is the air, the rhythm, our best friend. What gives you communication with nature?


Feeling of peace, harmony, wholeness, humility, happiness when you return home.


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