The story of the two old beer connoisseurs begins with an idea that has been stirring them since 2014. Over the next two years, Yordan Chenkov and Penyo Georgiev explored, tried, built and, with the help of friends, established the flavors of their beer. They don't share the recipes, but at the expense of Three and Two beer you will want it. How much does a person need? - bottle, two, three, keg, four, five.


Jordan Chenkov is the chief brewer. With many years of experience around beer cans and a host of home-brewed awards. 

Penyo Georgiev is the other expert. His familiarity with herbs and the impeccable drive for better taste make him a priceless shot at the new association.  

"With us you will find different beers, from classic styles that have passed through the lens of our understanding, through established styles from the more modern days of brewing, all the way to potions that use non-standard or fully experimental ingredients." "Support in Bulgaria is usually a mirage, but beer is not. That's why we decided to pay back the help we receive. The site of indie gogo, anyone can help complete the final details of the brewery, and it will be an honor for us to provide you with a few bottles of beer and other exciting things ahead. "

There is another reason to help young brewers. This is to be a wave of common sea or a sip of common beer. 

Three and Two Brewery 

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