A video premiere and a meeting-conversation with the creative team of the dance-theater performance raise the topic of environmental protection. 




March 22.03.2022, 18, 30:20 pm - 00:XNUMX pm 

Goethe-Institut Bulgaria 


Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the creative team of the project "THE LAST SUNSET "THE LAST SUNSET I invite you to an open discussion focused on environmental protection and the ways in which art can be used as a means of expression linked to a cause.  


The upcoming dance-theatrical immersive performance "The Last Sunset" is the work of directors Costa Karakashyan, Antonia Georgieva and Diego de la Rosa (Frantics Dance Company, Germany). Its premiere will be in May as part of the official program of 25from the edition of the Gabrovo Biennial of Humor and Satire with the topic "Saving money", in partnership with the Museum "House of Humor and Satire", "Greenpeace" - Bulgaria, Environmental Association "For the Earth", the Regional Landfill for Hazardous Waste in Gabrovo, Goethe Institute Bulgaria and the Regional Center for Contemporary Arts "Thermal Power Plant". 


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The idea, uniting ecology and dance, comes from the work of Costa Karakashyan ("Studio Karakashyan", Bulgaria) and Angel Bondov ("Greenpeace" - Bulgaria). Antonia Georgieva and Diego de la Rosa joined the directing team during a workshop for artists and environmentalists in Gabrovo. The three focus on creating publicity for the damage from burning coal and other fossil fuels on human health and nature through art. 


During the event in Sofia, the creative team will talk about their joint work with Greenpeace - Bulgaria and will screen the project trailer for the first time. It was filmed near the town of Galabovo, whose residents are exposed to systemic sulfur dioxide pollution near the Brickel TPP, one of the oldest and most polluting plants in the country. The topic of the negative impact of fossil fuels and their exploitation will be presented through a dystopian portrait of a future without sustainable energy, but with all the negative effects on air, water and human health, which are already a reality in Bulgaria.


Participants in the discussion: 


  • Costa Karakashyan - co-director, co-choreographer Karakashyan Studio Antonia Georgieva - co-director 
  • Diego de la Rosa - co-director, co-choreographer Frantics Dance Company Margarita Dorovska - Director of the House of Humor and Satire Museum
  • Desislava Mikova - coordinator of the campaign "Climate and Energy", "Greenpeace" - Bulgaria 


The event at the Goethe-Institut March 22nd is open to the general public who are interested in the project and its premiere in May. 


The show In May will take place in the Regional landfill for non-hazardous waste in the town of Gabrovo and it will be attended by nine professional dance artists from Bulgaria and Germany, who have already done the first rehearsals in the field. They will guide the audience through the various spaces of the Depot at sunset, and in addition to the visual, sensory experience will be leading, immersing everyone in a dystopian future in which we have not turned to sustainable energy sources in time. 

"The Last Sunset" is a co-production with the Goethe Institute under the mechanism of the International Co-production Fund and is realized with the support of the National Fund "Culture" under the program "Socially Engaged Arts" and the Regional Center for Contemporary Arts "Thermal Power Plant". 

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