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Tadeuz Ruzevich is one of the icons in Polish poetry of the 2017th century. Influenced by the great poet Juliusz Slovacki, his poetry is directed toward the inner, the personal experience, which later takes shape and adopts his own handwriting, which is very different from traditional rhyme and metrics. The Polish poetess Vishlava Shimborska, who accidentally won the Nobel Prize, states: “I cannot imagine what post-war Polish poetry would look like without Tadeusz Ruzhevich's poems. We all owe it to him, but not every one of us acknowledges it. "Although he himself has not been honored with the prestigious award, although he has been nominated many times, his poetry, unlike many others, continues to be read and translated into the whole world. The Professor's Knife, which comes out in Bulgarian in XNUMX, is one of his most impressive poems.


The Philosopher's Stone


I have to fall asleep
this poem

before it starts
to philosophy
before it starts

to look around
for compliments

called for life
in a moment of oblivion

is sensitive to words
is seeking salvation
in the philosophical
pass the pace fast
do not lift this stone

there poem white
in ash and dust


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whiteness is not sad
nor rejoice
just whiten

I'm stubborn
speaking ѝ
that it is white

but whiteness doesn't listen to me
and she is deaf


and it does
getting whiter
lighter lighter




after years of boom
unnecessary questions
and answered
silence conquered me

silence is a mirror
about my poems
their reflections are silent

in the diapers of old age
anticipates me
naked completely
at the Wallraf Museum

why didn't it happen
the silent painter
Nicefor Krynicki

time-honed features
they paint our common

the face I see now
I saw in the beginning
but I didn't foresee it
the mirror hid it in him
alive young
darkened today
without reflection
without light




I tried to remember
this beautiful

born at night
almost mature
she was diving
it was opening in the glow of the day
did not exist

probably a poem
it was about himself
just like a pearl
is a story about a pearl
and the butterfly is a story about a butterfly

at times I could feel it in the language
and anxious I waited
to transform
in a word

this is disappearing
daylight poem
he hid in himself
only occasionally illuminates

but I don't pull it off
from the dark
on the flat coast
of reality

From The Professor's Knife - Poetry Publishing House "Yes" Translated by: Vera Deyanova

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