You will see the 30 poster selected by Radoslav Boor created in the last 13 years. The exhibition covers posters for various Bulgarian theaters and the Sofia Opera and Ballet. The collection is impressive and revealing in many ways. The exhibition brings the typical complexity of the poster, combined with the delicate and sophisticated individual style of the author.


You will have the opportunity to meet the author - Radoslaw Boor.

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Radoslaw Boor was born in Sofia, in a family of two artists. In high school she studied Japanese for 5 years, which leaves a mark in her expression as an artist. Later he graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. Radoslava has gained professional experience over the years as a graphic designer, illustrator, creative director and in her practice as a freelance artist. For the last 13 years, Radoslava has been actively working as an artist for Bulgarian theaters, creating posters for numerous theatrical performances.


In 2010, he co-founded the Addict Agency in Prague.


Currently Radoslav works and lives with her family in Prague, Czech Republic.


The exhibition is already visiting Plovdiv and Prague. 

In Sofia, it can be viewed in the lobby of Sofia Theater from 15 November 15 to December 2019.


The event is part of the 2019 Theaters Night program and is supported by the International Poster Triennial in Sofia. The collection is impressive and revealing in many ways.


While the viewer witnesses the aesthetic findings and provocations in the posters of a talented, evolving, contemporary visual artist, he is seamlessly drawn into the whole of images and messages, where, along with the main one, several other narratives develop, enriching the notion of:


  • the stage poster as a cultural phenomenon capable of innumerable classical and modern incarnations; overcoming time and style constraints; mediator between different arts and artists.
  • the poster as an accomplice in today's Bulgarian cultural scene - an integral part of its adequate visualization.
  • the presence / absence of the poster as an element of urban culture, advertising and the communication process.
  • the poster as a pilgrim whose nature encodes the philosophical and aesthetic dimensions of travel as a state of mind.


The exhibition brings the typical complexity of the poster, combined with the delicate and sophisticated individual style of the author, which allows her to easily pass through the conditional dimensions of the performing arts. In today's "advertising jungle", where image reproduction has long been a challenge, its posters stand out with their ability to delight and arouse the senses and minds of the public, to glorify famous or unknown spectacle creators.


Against the backdrop of universal dynamics and chaos, those characters are particularly likeable, suggesting the natural harmonious connections between the artist and her first exhibition: from the beautiful wordplay in the names to the traveling nature, characteristic of both. We find them in the motto of the Plovdiv Festival "Scene at the Crossroads ", where the exhibition is visiting in September; in joining her European initiative "Theater Night " on the territory of Sofia Theater, and in November, when the exhibition is part of the accompanying program of 9's "International Triennial of Stage Poster - Sofia" (Radoslaw Boor is its regular participant from 2007 to the present).


In this happy series of iconic coincidences stands out the "Czech Connection" and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, which is the basis of this exhibition and host of the October event. Among the exhibits, the poster of the great Mozart Opera Don Juan"first introduced just 232 years ago in Prague. 


The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Bozhidar Ionov 


text: Albena Spasova

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