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Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste… It's that simple, isn't it? The five human senses that help us navigate this world. We perceive them as part of us to such an extent that it is difficult to imagine what we would do if we were deprived of at least one of them.


They say that man is a "social animal". It communicates and is constantly evolving. But once deprived of sense, he quickly becomes redundant in society. Welcome to the society of the XNUMXst century - a new generation that lives at a rapid pace and enjoys every moment as if it were the last! It needs no emotional baggage. We have become so insensitive in today's technological age.


Do you notice the irony? We create robots and make them do human activities, even if they are friends with single people. I will not be surprised if, over time, we ask ourselves on the grounds that the latter are no better, more human and responsive than the living, those with a beating heart, beings who call themselves humans, humans or whatever they choose to call themselves. Or so we want to think so we don't feel unnecessary or even selfish. To find or not to justify our actions on the steps of the ladder that defines us as social figures. We are used to seeing problems and thinking about the consequences of inactivity until it is too late.


The blind, the deaf, the crippled - they seem to be rejected by a society that does not accept the different. But are these different people no better off than those who live in their fictional world. This is the story of two people who, in this fast-paced world, do not need to prove themselves to anyone. Because they themselves are the proof that there are no impossible things in front of people who want to succeed. The first sees the world through the lens of his lens, and the second does not remove stars, but only those who prevent him from living a normal life and sit on the barrier between him and humanity.


Get to know the story of Pete Eckert, a talented photographer who does nothing but have a place in the sun. He always knows how to do things in his one and only way, even though he is blind. You would say, "Where did the blind photographer see"? But it is his different perspective on things that makes him one of the best photographers of today.

Pete Eckert works with some of the largest companies such as Volkswagen

… And Swarovski

photo: Pete Eckert

The irony, if we can talk about such a thing, is that he becomes a photographer only after he loses his sight. He is not only good, he is the best in his craft. The fact that many big names in his industry are trusted, including the car giant Volkswagen, speaks for itself.

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Initially, he didn't even think of the idea of ​​doing photography. He started following sculpture, but a visit to the doctor is enough to change it forever, perhaps for good. After being diagnosed with 'retinitis pigmentosa', the man, who until recently worked as a carpenter, does not despair. Together with his girlfriend, who is good and bad for him, they begin to look for a way to change their lives. Neither the disease, nor the diagnosis, or the rejection by several employers, are an obstacle to being happy, as it is, though with flaws. Are we all perfect in this world?


He fills his time with carving until one day he cleans up junk for his mother's old camera. Then the idea came to him to start photography. With the help of additional literature and special software on the computer that reads the text, the man learns the basic subtleties in the field of this art.

photo: Pete Eckert

Sam is the master of the boundaries he sets himself to be able to visualize objects in his mind, and so some of the best shots appear. When you see his works, you do not think of him as a blind creator, but of a person who sees much more with his inner self than we can see.

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