Baked with celery head.

 The recipe I offer today is magical and makes us wonder how amazing vegetables are when cooked with love. This baked by celery can be served for lunch on Sunday, in the place of roast meat.
The large celery heads are low in calories and are nutrient-rich, mineral-toning, digestive, diuretic, and cleans the liver and kidneys.
Jamie Oliver's recipe is, but I made some changes. If you find it dry at the end of cooking, you can top it with mushroom sauce. My head was quite big and much more fragile than the celery heads, so I assumed it was made of celery. However, I preferred to cut and cook it in advance to lose some of its strong aroma.
Yesterday I cooked it for the first time and reaped success, we ate it whole. When something is good, it is good!

Necessary products

 1 large head celery
copious amount of olive oil (extra virgin)
2 bay leaf
50 ml white wine
cut salvia, rosemary, thyme, curry
2 with
cloves of garlic
ol, black pepper
potatoes as a garnish

Preparation instructions

Carefully wash the celery without deepening the peel. Allow to simmer for about 10 to 20 minutes in salted water. Mix chopped spices in a bowl, stirring with a little oil herbs, garlic, salt and pepper. To halve the cooking time, cut the celery into slices. Massage the celery with flavored oil and herbs. Put them in a baking tray lined with baking paper. Given the long cooking time, I took the opportunity to cook potatoes, so I added them. Pour over the wine and some water, cover, to prevent it from drying out excessively and bake on 200 ′ - 220 ′ in about 45 minutes. Serve hot and rich with olive oil.
  • servings: 4

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