No matter how well we know Sofia, whether we were born or just live in it, there are always some undiscovered places that are literally under our noses, but we need someone to show them to us to notice them. For those of you who live for, from, and with the fine arts, there is probably nothing hidden in artistic city life. Everyone else can be sure that the next five galleries in the heart of Sofia are already waiting for them. Because art is often found in the most atypical places and in a variety of forms.

Serdika Gallery

Serdika Gallery is located at 90 Tsar Samuil Street and is a temporary home for a number of paintings in graphics and paintings, as well as cartoons. Here you will meet the works of names such as Eva Teneva-Zaykov, Genoveva Rogova, Yovcho Savov, Lyubomir Mihailov, Maya Ivanova. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery organizes other cultural events such as a solo concert of cellist Alexander Somov and events for children. A meeting of the participants in the project "Access to Culture for All Citizens" of Sofia Municipality was held in the gallery.

Vitalika Art Gallery

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Another gallery in the heart of Sofia, relying on the traditions of fine arts, is the Vitalika Art Gallery. At 11 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Boulevard, just opposite the former Central Department Store, you can get acquainted with some of the best works in contemporary Bulgarian art. Paintings, graphics, sculptures - the gallery has a wide variety of paintings available for purchase at any time.


The gallery has themed paintings for the four seasons, which are an ideal gift for relatives, friends and art connoisseurs.

Heavenly Dragon Gallery and Tao Art Studio

For fans of Eastern culture, and there are many in our country, this gallery offers a variety of paintings with an Eastern flavor. It is located at 13 George Washington Street and houses the works of Bulgarian artists who create Eastern art - painting and calligraphy, in the style of artists from China, Korea, India, Japan.


The gallery is affiliated with the Heavenly Dragon Taiji Academy, which offers lessons in Tai Chi, calligraphy, Chinese, applied arts and art therapy classes.

Art house with puppet museum

It may deviate a bit from the theme, but this is my favorite art place in town. The house-museum is home to over 3 handmade dolls and is unique in Bulgaria. The collection includes porcelain, antique, ritual, modern, souvenir "vintage" dolls and puppets that smile, dance, sing and tell stories. The oldest of them is called Gertrude from Germany and is 000 years old.



The museum is located in the center of Sofia in a 100-year-old aristocratic house - a monument of architecture in neoclassical style at 34 Tsar Samuil Street. Organizing children's birthdays and other holidays is a common practice. In addition, the house offers interesting entertainment for the little ones in its "workshop" hall. Every Saturday there are group classes with provided materials, and during the week an individual "workshop" and art class. They all develop children's fine motor skills in the form of a game that learns and unloads at the same time.

Aether Art Space

Aether Gallery is an independent art space in Sofia - at 39 Knyaz Boris I Street. It opened in 2016 with the ambitious idea to offer an opportunity for experimentation. This requires critical feedback from art to life and the world around us, through all sorts of forms of expression.


The team of the space strives to really engage the attention of local and international audiences, and not just to educate passive observers by strengthening the dialogue between artists and the audience, and to activate thinking. Through the intersection of different points of view and experimental work, the concept of the gallery is to form new ideas and personal views, as well as to open wider horizons of the human and artistic worldview.



These were the five galleries in Sofia that you may already know an idea better. Now it remains to visit them and look at the art they have!

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