The ensemble for folk songs and dances, as well as the Sliven City Symphony Orchestra, are at risk of being reduced by at least 50% of their composition. If the mergers agree to the mayor's "healing plan" to come into force without further review and design, that will happen. That is why a petition is organized in the city /, which is a kind of document in support of the ANPT and the Symphony Orchestra to remain at least in their current form. And it is at the threshold of the minimum and the composition is difficult to cover the works that participate in their programs.

The consequences that such a decision would lead to are several, but the main thing is to reduce the staff and, accordingly, the composition of the people performing their goals and tasks. And they are to search for and creatively recreate the Bulgarian folklore (both from the Sliven region and from all over Bulgaria) by transforming on the stage the beauty of the authentic folklore samples. The creation of works on a folklore basis with the participation of contemporary artists, composers, choreographers and musicians.

The ensemble's repertoire is also written for a large orchestra, a large choir and many dancers. Accordingly, with the reduction of a significant number of people, many of these works will not be able to be performed. And not only will they not be performed, but they will be lost forever because the notes are in the heads of the performers. It is a pity that an ensemble with a 56-year history will be closed due to a poorly calculated "plan".

It has produced such names as: Toncho Tonchev, Kosta Kolev, Lechko Lechev, Tasho Barulov, Zdravko Daskalov, Krustyu Gochev, Krum Georgiev, Petar Londev, Dimitar Bonev and others. It contains works from all the folklore regions of Bulgaria.

Many well-known names of Bulgarian folk music, songs and dances have passed through the Ensemble: Mateo Dobrev, Kostadin Genchev, Stoyan Stoilov, Stiliyan Tihov, Mitio Valkov, Nikolay Kolev, Donka Koleva, Todor Gochev, Atanas and Georgi Krasi Maria Daskalova, Radka Dimitrova, Elena Gramatikova, Denka Syarova, Nadezhda Kisyova and many others.

He has also won many awards:

November 1986, XNUMX - Holder of the Order of Cyril and Methodius - 1st degree, for active creative and performing activity and in connection with 25 years since its creation.

November 1999, XNUMX - "Golden Lira" - an award from the Union of Bulgarian Music and Dance Actors and the Ministry of Culture for the 40 Annual Jubilee.

November 2009, XNUMX - "Crystal Lyre" - an award from the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dance Makers and the Ministry of Culture for the performances "Haidushka Oath" and "Horo Vorto among Sliven" and the 50 Annual Jubilee.

November 2012, XNUMX - Best Musical Performance Award from Tikirdak, Turkey.

November 2014, XNUMX - Crystal Necklace - award from the Union of Music and Dance Workers in Bulgaria on the occasion of the 55 Annual Jubilee and more.

Petition to preserve the composition of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble and the Sliven Symphony Orchestra.

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