The project of the association NISHAN immersed ten folk singing students in the authentic Rhodope folklore of the "Dryanovo grandmothers".

During the summer of 2018, ten girls and boys, from NUMTI Dobrin Petkov - Plovdiv and ODK Chepelare, spent 5 days in the village of Dryanovo - Luki Municipality. There, they studied local authentic folklore, directly from its carriers, an amateur singing group at the local community center, in an attempt to preserve this extinct knowledge and pass it on to the younger generation.

The project is the brainchild of the NISHAN Association, which organized for the students an 5-day village singing workshop. Their goal was not only to introduce the children to the songs of "The Dryanovo grandmothers, " but also to enable young people to understand more about local folklore, dialect, specific singing style, customs and history, directly from the live bearers of this knowledge. Within the workshop, students were able to record and learn 13 new songs for them. They rehearsed them diligently every day, and in their spare time they got acquainted with the typical costumes for the village and prepared kachamak. They also visited the local shrines and chapels, led by people familiar with their history from the village.

At the end of the workshop, the young girls and boys gave a concert on the square, together with the singing group "Dryanovo's grandmothers", to show what they had learned. Their participation on stage was supported by Mayor Nelly Uzunova and their audience was the whole village.

The five days spent together left an imprint, both in the hearts of older women and the children, who said they would return to Dryanovo again. They plan to use the authentic songs they have learned during the workshop to use in various performances and share with their peers in the city.

The teachers of the Dobrin Petkov NUMTI students have the idea to organize a joint concert of the children and the "Dryanovo grandmothers" in Plovdiv by the end of this school year. Preparations are already underway at the annual gathering in Dryanovo village in May, when the girls and boys are invited to special guests in the holiday program.

Who are we?

The mission of the NISHAN Association is to immerse everyone in the Bulgarian traditional culture, choosing the most appropriate way for themselves. We believe that the place of Bulgarian traditions is not only in books. We know from experience that the best way to get to know them is through experience. Our ideal goal is to preserve traditions and customs through their natural transmission to contemporaries.

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