"In our troubled, mechanized western countries, in our artificial and sad cities, music and Paneurhythmy are the best means of enhancing the spirit and unification of souls" - Professor Alfred Lemony (University of Toulouse)

According to legends, our planet has seven energy centers as many as the chakras in the human body. These include Tibet, Machu Picchu, Egypt and the Pyramids, as well as the Seven Rila Lakes. In 2007, world-renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto (who proved that water has memory and responds to words, thoughts, and emotions) recognized the Seven Rila Lakes as a place of tremendous energy vibration. The native legends also attribute Rila's magical power and tell of the existence of a healing spring in its bowels. As they drank from the water, the childless got hold of children, the girls - with the bridegroom, and the sick - recovered.

It is because of its positive charge and vibration that every year on 19 August Rila becomes one of the most visited places in Bulgaria. Here followers of Peter Deunov of different nationalities welcome the New Year's Eve. The date of August 19 is, of course, not accidental - then the Transfiguration of the Lord in the old style is celebrated. This is the moment when Jesus ascends Mount Tabor and transforms himself in front of his three disciples. Then Christ reveals his divine essence - until then he was only a teacher (rabbi). This is what is associated with the celebration of the Cosmic New Year - with the great renewal of man along the path of enlightenment. Already in the early dawn, the Danes make their prayers, drink a cup of tea or warm water, eat some boiled wheat and head to one of the Rila Lakes - Kidney. It is near it that the culmination of this "Summer Spiritual School" - the sacred dance Paneurhythmy - takes place.

Paneurhythmy is a system of dance-like movements, steps and exercises performed with the accompaniment of melodic music (most often violin). It is played early in the morning at sunrise, obligatory in nature. The participants are dressed in white and dance in a circle, clockwise. It is practiced annually from 22-March to 22-September (spring and autumn equinox).

Paneurhythmy is a spiritual and physical practice, originating from Master Peter Dunov, also known as Beinsa Duno, founder of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria. Dunov's religious-philosophical teaching, self-defining as "esoteric Christianity" and occultism, emerged in 1915 and introduced new enlightenment ideas related to spirit and consciousness. Its main topics are the place and role of man in the universe, nature and society, as well as the spiritual understanding of various aspects of terrestrial life - culture, ethics, psychology, medicine, family, upbringing and more. In addition to ideas from Christianity, dunovism also includes a cult of the Sun and the Cosmos, it is interested in various types of energy, and its main purpose is peace (spiritual and physical), internal balance and cultivation - ideas reminiscent of Eastern teachings and Buddhism.


The word "Paneurhythmy" has three roots - "pan" (universal), "eve" or "eu" (that is where everything comes from - the real, the essential, the divine, the higher) and "rhythm" (regularity in movement and in external manifestation) of things, rhythm). Thus, Paneurhythmy is thought of as a "higher cosmic rhythm", it is a projection of the macrocosm, of the solar system. The movements in this dance borrow from the movements in nature and are in harmony with the cosmic rhythm, through which man recharges energy from the universe and brings vital force into all organs and systems of his body. Therefore, the elements involved in the dance need to be performed consciously and in full concentration. According to the Danes, Paneurhythmy is based on a philosophy that incorporates the universal qualities inherent in Christ - love, wisdom, righteousness, virtue, and truth - that help one to attain union with subtle energies and God.

Apart from the spiritual aspect, Paneurhythmy (also called the "Dance of Life") has a beneficial effect both physically and emotionally and psychologically. Light and smooth movements increase joint mobility, flexibility and strength of the body, strengthen the muscles. Deep breathing improves the condition of the respiratory system and blood circulation. Heart rate and blood pressure are normalized. Proper coordination of movements leads to better concentration, and the musical rhythm and songs calm the mind and emotions. Paneurhythmy frees one from all anxiety and anxiety, striking a balance between mind, soul and spirit.


Today, spiritual centers with Master followers exist throughout Europe and Asia, in South America and Canada, and in faraway Russia. The largest was founded in 1953 by Mikhail Ivanov of the French Beinsa Duno Center in Bonfen. Peter Dunov is also one of the most translated authors in the world, with his conversations well known even in the Congo and on the island of Tasmania.

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