On the occasion of the launch of a new online series, Ani and two of her friends head to an abandoned hut in Lyulin Mountain, which is said to be inhabited by evil.


Ani - a popular vlogger, and her two best friends - Iveta and Milena, are filming the first episode of her new online series "The scariest places in Bulgaria" in an abandoned hut, deep in the forests of Lyulin Mountain. The girls decide to spend the night there, with the idea of ​​filming the strange phenomena that the locals have been talking about for years. As night falls, however, Milena disappears, and the others quickly realize that whatever evil inhabits the place, it has no intention of letting them go.


Deep in the forests of Lyulin Mountain is an old, abandoned building that until 30 years ago functioned as a hut. In the 60s and 70s of the last century, it was a favorite vacation spot by everyone in the area. Over time, however, many incidents began to occur on the territory of the hut and the adjacent forests. To this day, information about these cases can be found in the archives of the town of Pernik, most of which remain undisclosed or unconfirmed. After the hut officially closed its doors, many groups of people began to visit it, in search of thrill and adrenaline. Some of these people describe their experiences on the Internet in detail. It is their stories that are our main source of inspiration for the film.

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"The idea of ​​the existence of a spiritual world, a parallel universe, of energies we do not understand, has been discussed, studied and described since the time of the first human civilizations. Our desire was to integrate this concept into the film. Thus Mephisto, a demon first mentioned in the late Middle Ages, found his place in At His Doorstep. He plays the role of the "puppeteer" who controls the actions of the characters and gives them a deceptive sense of freedom. He manipulates them like pawns on a chessboard, moving strategically towards his goals. In order for his image to be as authentic as possible, we went through a long period of research, and in order to present it to the viewer in an unobtrusive and mysterious way, we mainly used symbolism in the film. "- says the film's director Violet Pancheva and adds:


"The film presents the concept that the hut was built on land, which for centuries has been a kind of portal between two worlds - a place where one loses sight of reality. This is presented in the film through abrupt changes in the characters' environment, as well as through the proper use of sound and visual effects. "

"On the Threshold" is a "found footage" horror film based on human stories that have turned the location into a kind of attraction over the last decade. The film is also the first Bulgarian "found footage" horror of all time.


For Violet and the film's crew, the main source of inspiration has been the many local stories of an abandoned building deep in the woods that once functioned as a hut. Incidents, including an unusually high number of suicides, occurred on the building's grounds, which contributed to its official closure nearly 30 years ago.

"Combining the ominous background of the place with my unconditional love for the genre, I wrote a seemingly typical horror script telling the story of a famous vlogger who is ready for anything in the name of quality content for her new online series. Beneath the surface, however, the actions of our main character and her friends are controlled by an ancient and evil creature that became known in the Middle Ages as Mephisto. He is the puppeteer playing with their fears. In order to present him in an unobtrusive and mysterious way, we only integrated his coat of arms in the film. For the production, we shot in the real, supposedly inhabited building. It was an exciting experience for the whole team and we definitely felt the charge of the location, "said the director. 

To present the concept of a threshold between two worlds, Violet chooses the subgenre "found footage" because, in her opinion, it is the most appropriate. Using the free movement of the camera, the goal is to provoke the viewer's imagination and play with their perception of reality. In the film you can also see elements that are inspired by modern "survival horror" video games.


"Because of the way we presented the connection between the two worlds, once we watched" At His Doorstep ", you will never be the same!" - Violet Pancheva smiles mysteriously, and we get cold drops of curiosity.

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