"Attention, the doors are closing. The next station - Alexander Malinov - reports the subway train and leaves. The usual noise of the moment amplifies and reaches unbearable levels. I study people's faces. Everyone in the wagon looks calm!?! Some time ago, in similar circumstances, I noticed a young child instinctively closing his ears. I thought, "This is the most natural reaction." I've been doing it ever since. It's even easier when I'm with my plugs. I use them more and more often - at home for concentration and out for survival. For important written exams, I add bananas, chocolate and mineral water. It is already obvious to me (sympathetically) that I do not need headphones but earplugs.


Noise is a real beast in the city, and the city is a jungle where other dangers lurk. How do I survive in the urban jungle?


I invented little tricks. For example, washing your face in broad daylight - only with water. I wash away impurities, moisturize my skin and refresh myself. Washing my face after lunch is a ritual for me. This is how I deal with that time zone of digestion, in which my only desire is to take a nap. This simple technique only requires a water point and a desire. And yes, a non-makeup face. It has happened, on rare occasions when I wear makeup, to forget about its existence. This is another reason to give up "second skin". Unfortunately, I still don't see other wet faces. So unusual that they asked me how I felt. Yes, I feel better, better!


Talking about water, I can not miss the internal hydration of the body and regular urination. The water bottle is the first friend of a fresh urban enthusiast I aspire to be. In this direction, more and more people are taking action and are not left without their required 75% water content. On the other hand, public toilets are not a favorite. Women are particularly difficult to use. There is an unsuspecting solution called the urine funnel. With its help the jet is directed in the required direction from an upright position. It's nice to be "over things" or, to put it bluntly, over the toilet. The relief is even greater for pregnant women.


I have to mention that I have been betting on sporty-elegant clothes, and lately on sportswear. Bra without bras, wedges and elastic jeans. Value added convenience: Elastic clothes do not need ironing. Once she knew the good, I can't go back. For rainy days, I have nylon boots that include elastic jeans or wedges. Wet shoes and the damp ends of wide pants are almost forgotten. In the winter, when I arrive at the office, I replace the warm boots with other shoes waiting for me on the spot. It's very important.


Every lady carries a bag. Each bag needs to be left somewhere when it is not on the woman's shoulder. To make this eternal commitment easier, I got myself a hanger for a bag that fits most tables. It is a metal circle with a small curved hook.


In the big city I often have to wait… I try to use this precious time, and more importantly, not to be angry. I go to the GP and the queues for bills - with a light reading. The red traffic light reminds me that now is the time for Kegel's exercises. I use the time in the subway for a short nap, to study fashion trends or to read.


Surviving in the urban jungle requires versatile skills. One of them is to get home on time. I'm back in the hollow. Point.

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