The thematic campaign is dedicated to the fight against crimes against wildlife.


Along with the climate crisis and habitat loss, wildlife crime is another serious challenge to the environment in which we live and thrive. In this regard, the conservation organization WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) the campaign started "Open your eyes, the animals disappear", which seeks to draw public attention to a serious threat that has gone unnoticed: the illegal wildlife trade. Report on TRAFFIC for 2018 shows a dramatic increase in this type of crime in the European Union. The document also states that:


1) the registered illegal trade in wild animals in the EU has increased to 2,3 million euros in 2018;


2) of the more than 6000 illegal products of nature confiscated, 1/6 are live birds and reptiles;


3) 79% of confiscations were made in France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Wildlife crimes in Bulgaria


"It is extremely difficult to determine the real scale of the violations against wildlife in our country, as they are hidden. They are often international in nature and are aided by corruption at all levels. The authorities in Bulgaria that have the power to investigate crimes and punish perpetrators are the police, the prosecution and the courts. But they do not specialize in the field of wildlife and its protection, have no experience in investigating such violations, and also do not have uniform information on registered crimes in the field. "- said Ekaterina Voynova, senior expert" Species Conservation ", WWF.


To help in the effort to prevent and reduce wildlife crimes in our country, WWF is preparing the first summary study of the scale of wildlife offenses in Bulgaria. It is expected to be published at the end of 2021. WWF experts hope that the study will help competent authorities to expand their knowledge and improve their work in this area.

How can we help too?


Wildlife crimes thrive due to ignorance, indifference and non-enforcement of national and international law. So the more we know about wildlife, the more we can influence the control of crimes against it. We can:


1) to be active citizens and to report to the police, RIEW or executive agencies in case of suspicion of a violation of wildlife. Only in this way can the perpetrators be investigated and caught in a timely manner;


2) to be aware consumers and to buy certified products that have been harvested without harming wild populations and whose origin can be traced;


3) to be informed and to disseminate informationbecause it depends on the rich biodiversity to have healthy ecosystems and agriculture. And damaged nature leads to impaired food production, shortages of raw materials for energy and medicines, and the spread of dangerous diseases;


4) to support organizationswho have made the effort to protect the environment their mission.


ТThis Christmas, the WWF is raising its voice against wildlife crime. Anyone who wants to can get involved in the fight against wildlife trafficking, poaching, illegal fishing, the use of prohibited hunting and fishing gear, by supporting the campaign ofколеда.


Let us together build a future in which people live in harmony with nature!


Sofia Municipality is the official partner of the campaign.

The campaign is also realized with the gratuitous media support on NEW Television, BNR, BNR-Burgas, BNR-Varna, BNR-Vidin, FOCUS News Agency and Radio,,,,,,,,, Bulgarka magazine и TV "Tourism".


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