Are you a creative person? Then proceed carefully, there is a danger of being very excited. The traditional Arte Urbana Collective Summer Academy has opened its invitation for participants. This year, it has a theme for Shangri-La and will be held in the beautiful village of Bozhentsi from 31 July to 10 August.


The initiative is a unique combination of an educational forum and a creative experience and will take place in the authentic setting of the village of Bozhentsi - away from the stress, noise and worries of the big city. It is no accident that the Summer Academy attracts creative people from all over the world. It is a unique opportunity to meet with like-minded people to develop your bold ideas.


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The Summer Academy also gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and skills in such exciting and contemporary areas as interactive narratives, urban game design, immersive immersive experiences, site-specific theater and real-world games life. In an age where we are overwhelmed by virtual experiences and much of our entertainment happens while we sit passively in front of a computer, Shangri-La will turn our attention to real life. It will also direct us to the experiences and games that require our full physical and cognitive presence.


The team of lecturers and mentors is again stunning. Arte Urbana have managed to bring in Bulgaria proven professionals from all over the world. The team is made up of Hartmut Koenitz - Amsterdam, Ursula Maria Bersborn - Berlin, Matteo Ugozzoni - Milan and Boston, Simon Hanukai - New York and Paris Ari and Paris (Aron Birtalan) - Amsterdam. The organizers also promise more curious surprises.

This year's theme name was chosen from James Hilton's novel The Lost Horizon. The imaginary place invented by the author becomes a synonym for a country - a utopia, hidden in the mountains and isolated from the outside world. The new edition of the academy aims to turn Bozhentsi into such a lost paradise where participants will develop their childhood dreams and fantasies.


The invitation is aimed at theaters, filmmakers, game designers and all kinds of creative minds. The Academy provides an unforgettable experience.


Those who wish to participate can learn more and submit their applications to: The number of participants is limited to 20. If this proposal tempts you and you want to be one of them, you better not wait! Do it now!

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