Nurkan Nouf was born in Razgrad. I graduated from St.St. St. Cyril and Methodius "specialty" Drawing and intermedia ". There are a number of general and solo exhibitions in the country, as well as a number of awards. The last one is for a video from a student video art festival in Shumen.


Сyou just graduated from St. St. Cyril and Methodius "specialty" Drawing and intermedia ". Your thesis is a very interesting project. Tell us more about him?


The project itself is a Bulgarian stitch made using Arabic calligraphy. The project is interesting not because of the fact that the problem is current. In fact, he is one for nothing but cheap pride, since I myself am against people being proud of anything, except, of course, themselves. So it is not for others that my job is for the people themselves, who have to leave their excess pride and strive to be better, to be better and for themselves. This is actually the root of my project. By no means do I strive for provocation or anything like that, because if it were, it would be cheap in its form. The only thing I strive for in this work is tolerance and love for my neighbor.


Your specialty has a modern and modern sound for the technological status of our society. Where and how do you see the path of the visual arts in such a technological time, which is largely devoid of sensitivity because of computerization?


This era of "computerization" has reached its culmination point and henceforth only follows a breakup. I do not think that people are deprived of their senses, we just live in a period of freedom in which everyone can be anything but not be something. If I give you everything, you will be wondering where to start… And about our specialty, we rather take what represents the world and throw it back to his face.

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And what's next - a master's program, new projects or ideas for exhibitions or "performances"?


I prefer my ideas for future realization to remain simple ideas, as I do not know what will happen to me tomorrow, but whatever I will be looking forward to it.


Characteristic of an artist is the search for and building their own style. It is also one of the important markers for a good artist. Your paintings already observe the specifics of your own handwriting. You call your style "remodernism." Tell us more about him and his place in the historical contexts of applied arts?


I used to be "proud" of having my own style, but now I'm looking for a handwriting of everything inside. Being a good artist means living in a finite and easy mind, but there is no good picture, no good artist, not even a tripod, because it makes no sense to paint picture in picture.

In view of the above question, should I also ask you about the names of other artists who influenced you, who inspired you and left a certain mark on you, maybe different trends? 


This is not the first time I have been asked this question, and for the first time I will not answer it this way: I am not influenced by anyone, nor do I want to influence anyone since I am myself. I may not be perfect, but I am first and foremost myself. No one is like me, and no one is like you, we are all original in our own way. This also applies to the question of style.

You already have a lot of exhibitions behind you, solo and general… Tell us more about them! Which or which left a memorable mark in you?


The one that was in Tarnovo, the one that didn't have a name… Not for nothing, I just managed to get a pizza before opening. Do I like pizza? No. Do I have a favorite exhibition? No.


You have recently started an interesting initiative, namely the creation of portraits of Bulgarian writers, which you donate to different schools in the country. Tell us more about the idea and what provokes you?


I am provoked by my curiosity. I wanted to see what would happen, since I was always enthusiastic about donating anything, but it was weird because some people didn't even consider it something special. I stopped this initiative not because of ungratefulness, but rather, to pop up the problems that are hidden for most people. This problem left me with many mixed feelings. Even now I still have no answer, but it's tragic, and I in no way want to get my heart dirty with this mud. I apologize to the schools that did not receive the portrait, as well as to the schools that…

You often donate your works, which is more than wonderful, because if we paraphrase Dostoevsky's famous and well-known phrase, "Beauty will save the world," we can say that art is what purifies the world, and why it doesn't even "save" . Is this your path, to purify and to create more "beauty" in the outside world?


It is not art that purifies the world, but people do it. I don't know why we praise art so much, but it's not good. I donate not only paintings. The purpose of the donation is to give something that is important to you. Instead of giving a tattered and old blanket to some homeless man, give yourself yours to wrap around at night. The difference between what you don't need and what you value is huge. And when you give the good and curl up with the torn, then, believe me, you will be much warmer.


Although I do all these "goodies" the medal has another side. I'm not always good, I'm not always bad, but what I am is… I'm alive. A world in which there is only beauty is doomed. There is no difference between the beautiful and the ugly, as well as between the poles of the world.

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