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Man is born naked. Then he grows up and gradually learns that showing your body is indecent, even shameful, that one has to hide it and keep out of others' eyes. Decency implies that we are dressed in public and this is normal. But growing up with thoughts of shame on one's body, one accumulates many complexes, which often turn into mental disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.


Moreover, we are distancing ourselves from the nature of our own body, we cannot know it well, and therefore cannot read the signs it gives us. And they are very important because every disease is preceded by multiple signals before it becomes one. Ashamed of our bodies and trying to cover them, we lose touch with them.


I say all this because the most common reason for denying nudism is that it is shameful and gone. However, nudists do not think so at all, since they do not put the slightest sexual element into the act of undressing and refuse to feel ashamed of what they are. On the contrary, some character traits are much more shameful (or at least they should be) than a naked body. There is already plenty of evidence for the psychological benefit of nudism.

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Nudists, for example, have been found to be much more confident and comfortable in their bodies than people who firmly deny nudism, and are much happier than them. But this is not the most important health benefit. More interestingly, the practice of nudism cures many ailments and saves the horrible poisoning with the medicines our medicine puts us through.


Nudism is, in fact, a return to the nature that has deprived us of urbanization. There is hardly anything more natural than swimming naked in the sea and baking the same way. Few people realize how bad it is to have a wet swimsuit all day.


First - all swimwear are made of artificial materials that are extremely harmful to the skin and especially to the genitals. Materials such as polyester, polyamide and more. cause many gynecological and sexually transmitted diseases, the most harmless of these is the white stream, which is so common in women. The same goes for underwear. It's now hard to find 100% cotton underwear, and it's the only one that does no harm. Few gynecologists will tell you this to keep you as a client. And you will remain so for a lifetime if you do not pay attention to these seemingly insignificant things.


Secondly, the swimsuit dries much slower than the skin, holding moisture and cold for at least half an hour, and on important organs and systems such as the genitourinary system, ovaries, testicles, etc. Experiment, touch the skin under your wet swimsuit and you will feel how cold it is. In contrast, the skin of the rest of the body is very hot from the sun. The ovaries are the most delicate organs and easy to catch, which guarantees serious sexual problems and even infertility. In addition, the pelvis and hips are extremely important nerves that, if cold, recover slowly and often develop into chronic.


Another little known fact is that nerves are treated solely by baking in the sun. But not in a swimsuit, but naked. This also applies to all other nerves in the human body. You can drink a bunch of medicines, but neuralgia will come back again and again. It's the same with the white current - and it will return until you have your belly baked (and below) to dark brown.


Important question. When do we let our skin breathe freely? That is, when are we able to stay naked?


Just under the shower for 10 minutes, and in the steam room. Skin needs oxygen, genitals too. When imprisoned in artificial swimwear, we deprive them of natural ventilation and they do not clean well. The sun, as you know, is an excellent disinfectant. If baked naked, it enters our skin and prevents the development of fungi, which is another common problem in women. Therefore, being naked on the beach is more than helpful and saves us from going to the doctors and swallowing medications, which usually only have a temporary effect.


In Bulgaria, this prejudice, around nudity, exists mainly because of the strict prohibitions during socialism when arresting the naked on the beach. But even then, there were more nude beaches than there are today. For example, the first semi-legal beach that existed at the time was the Giaurov Villa in Golden Sands. The great Bulgarian opera singer has been a supporter of nudism, and the place he now has a hotel still collects nudists, albeit a little further down the site.


Nudism is widespread in many places and respected throughout the world. In France, for example, there is a whole city only for nudists, in which it is forbidden to walk dressed. Cap d'Agde is located on the Mediterranean Sea, about 60 km from Montpellier, and has everything you need for a normal nudist life. By the way, which is no different from "dressed", except that there are additional health benefits. So, before we condemn something as shameful and vulgar, it is good to ask ourselves - is there something else behind this vulgarity. For example - a good health and environmentally friendly lifestyle, which do not like doctors and the pharmaceutical business around the world.

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