Part of the donation of the two brothers to the museum in Tryavna for the first time in front of an audience 


Unseen paintings by Bulgarian artist Dimitar Kazakov - Nero and wooden sculptures of his brother, Nikola Kazakov, will be shown for the first time in late March in Sofia. March 21 is the date on which in the gallery "KO-OP" will be discovered the exhibition "The Orissa - Dimitar and Nikola Kazakovi"presenting the unique works of both brothers.


In the rich biography of world-renowned artist Nero present over 15 000 works presented in the most prestigious galleries in New York, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto, Athens. The exhibits, which we can all see, are part of a huge donation that the two Kazakov brothers make to the Slaveykov School in Tryavna. The whole donation was received at the Tryavna Museum in 1985 and represents over 500 works - painting, terracotta and faience paintings, plastics.


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Dimitar is the more popular of the two Kazakovi brothers, his works have been bought by National Contemporary Art Fund for the Louvre, and others are in the the permanent collection of the A. S. Pushkin " in Moscow and in Museum of Imperial Collections in Tokyo.


However, the work of Nikola Kazakov remains undervalued. His works in sculpture are highly regarded by critics and impartial audiences, and in the work of Nikola Kazakov one can easily sense the genius of the Cossack family. His creative period is fleeting but explosive - in the short space of two years he has succeeded in creating over 300 sculptures. Created as an impulse as a result of a series of tragic life events, a large part of his works remain unseen to the general public.


The exhibition includes 27 paintings by Dimitar Kazakov, as well as 22 plastics by Nikola Kazakov. They were collected from the old barn in their native village of Tsarski izvor and those from his studio in the village of Gurmazovo, who survived the fire.


The show is part of a series of exhibitions dedicated to Nero. The first of which presents his works, painted during the National Exhibition in Oreshak in 1990. The eighteen paintings, painted only for 6 hours directly on exposure canvases, were first shown to the Sofia public 28 years after their creation. The curator of the exhibitions is Aksinia Djurova - a scientist with world-renowned history of art.


The fabulous works of the Kazakovi brothers can be seen by 10 April 2019.

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