Grace Kelly has always been a delightful actress. She knew early on what she wanted from life and was destined for a career in cinema. She grew up in a family that knows how to fight and win. Her father, Jack, is a three-time Olympic gold medalist who is building a $ 7000 million construction company on a $ 18 loan. Her mother, Margaret, was a swimming and modeling champion, and one of her uncles won the Pulitzer Prize.


But Grace was shy and different. The only thing she liked was the cinema. The shy girl managed to make an 18 movie after only 9 months in Hollywood, win an Oscar and marry a prince. It's like her life is a fairy tale. However, for her father, she remains a "family failure" and prefers her older daughter Peggy. She also has roles in cinema, though she has not achieved her sister's success.


After starring in films, she got into a role in "High Noon", then became the favorite actress of Alfred Hitchcock and starred in "Back Window" and "Catch The Thief" when she was only 23 years old. The Times magazine defines her as "a star who has never been a star." She manages to maintain her good name and family reputation by refusing to throw away her clothes and shoot for the new Playboy magazine at the time.

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Legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock describes her as a "stainless steel" woman. She had always known how to cut journalistic issues and was not provocative.

As a beautiful woman, she was often dubbed romance novels. Particularly persistent was the rumor of her relationship with the actor and director Ray Miland, who is said to have had an affair with the actress, but this never remains to be confirmed by both. Despite his fame in cinema, Grace gives up on him at 26, because of his love for Prince Rhenius III, whom he married at 32.


Here again, reporters contact the actress's father, who, when asked what he thought of the marriage, stated briefly and clearly: "I'm not impressed with the dress!" I will talk about the dress further.

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Their love originated during the Cannes Film Festival during 1955. While attending the festival, she was invited for a photo shoot at the Palace of Monaco with Prince Renier. But what she certainly did not know was that at that time, though a principality, Monaco was almost overthrown. The prince was trying to deal with the problems in the country. And it was at that moment that his meeting with Kelly had an impact on both of them.


They may not meet. During one of the receptions, the prince is late and almost misses Kelly. He breaks the saying, "Prince or princess are never late." The prince elegantly apologizes for the delay and takes Kelly out of the garden. During the walk, Renier expressed a desire to visit her in America during one of his travels. The actress definitely did not object.


After returning to the United States, accidentally or not, Kelly begins work on a movie called "The Swan" in which she plays a princess. Maybe this is the message that she has finally met a man who will not be blinded by her fame. Only 3 days after meeting the prince, the two are getting married. Grace's Catholic faith played an important role in the marriage. But the Prince's family did not think so easily of accepting the future daughter-in-law. She was asked for a $ 2 million dollar guarantee for them to get married. Although the money was not paid, the wedding took place.


The wedding ended the actress's career, but Kelly became the proud mother of 3 children. Although sometimes tempted to go back to the movies, she decided to become a princess, and as she ironically said, "The princesses don't have time to make movies." When Kelly announced to her mother that she would marry the Prince of Monaco, her mother was so shocked that she initially heard that her son-in-law would become the "Prince of Morocco".

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Grace Kelly's influence on fashion is huge. Not only was Gucci's Flora perfume designed for her, the designer Hermes named one of the eternal fashion items - the legendary Kelly bag named after the actress. She is said to have been able to do something elegant in every garment. Grace Kelly knew she had to be stylish because she was a Hollywood star. Hollywood sells movies, through their stars, their image, the glitter of camera flashes, and the most important element of any ceremony - passing the red carpet.


The star was able to promote the "modest" yet sophisticated and stylish way of dressing. She was one of the first stars to create style, even when signing documents. Simple but at the same time as graceful and elegant as Grace herself. She was one of the first stars to perfect the "signature style".


Her wardrobe was mostly classic American "college" clothes, but these clothes still made her look elegant and neat, whether she was wearing an Edith Head dress or a white shirt. The actress stood out so stylishly that an article in "The Telegraph" was dedicated to her, in which the author Winefride Jackson notes that the actress is the face of the "flawless line". Called the "barometer" of fashion - it was a benchmark for classical elegance. And it was as if her name stuck to a fashion brand, Grace Kelly. The author advised women who want to keep up with fashion, or more precisely to keep up with Kelly, to combine clothes with fine and inconspicuous small jewelry and a bracelet. She also advises the accessories to be flawless, as is the actress herself, without worn and expensive handbags, without hems and folds on the clothes. The beauty, according to the author, lies in the emphasis on the "smooth" effect, which can be seen in Kelly's line. But the most beautiful thing in the whole show was the shiny and smooth hairstyle of the actress. Thanks to her magnetic and learned gaze, the American fashion industry was boosted.

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The actress realized the enormous importance of the clothes worn by her, and thus gave impetus to the fashion industry in America. Although it felt like European designers were at the top of the industry, Kelly preferred to wear American designers' clothing, thus "promoting" the American fashion industry. For example, when she visited Monaco, she wore a navy blue coat and sleeveless dress by American designer Ben Zuckerman.


She was one of the stars who also promoted the carrying of the bag, named after her famous designer Hermes named one of the bags in her collection. The bag was purchased from the Hermes store in 1954 by actress and costume designer Edith Head as they searched for accessories for the movie featuring Kelly "Capture the Thief." The bag was often worn by the actress, and even the paparazzi said that in this way she concealed her pregnancy. Christina Howland explains that the bag began to be associated with the actress' style because she was photographed after her return from California.


Grace Kelly may have felt like a princess, especially considering she was in contact with the great Gucci and Dior, but she herself has never dressed casually and worn her favorite clothes for a decade. The actress was not a fan of expensive clothes, but preferred those that inspire style. She could find it, even in the old leather jacket and frayed jeans, even though people didn't approve of it. During the Oscars in 1955, the actress wore the same satin dress "Edith Head" from the premiere of "The Country Girl" last year in New York. Grace stood out at the time from the other stars of the film's premiere, who wore leather coats, and this was not hidden from reporters. Although women in Monaco were banned from wearing pants and hats, the actress is showing character again. It was even photographed in this way, and thanks to its style, the principality soon lifted the ban on women wearing trousers.


However, the actress adhered to her image of the Princess of Monaco and adhered to the official style.
For the wedding to the prince, she had two wedding dresses - one for the civil ceremony and the other for the religious one. They were a gift from Metro Goldwin Meyer's studio and were created by costume designer Helen Rose. Rose herself helped shape her as an actress and a woman in high society. The dress used for the religious ceremony was sewn by 30 seamstresses for six weeks and had a high collar, stylish lace sleeves sewn from the 125-annual Brussels lace. Instead of a tiara, the actress wore a gold floral hat with 82 m veil and a fine bouquet of lily of the valley.


Grace wears a religious ceremony dress created by the costume designer at "MGM " Helen Rose.

For the civil ceremony, Kelly wore a pink Helen Rose suit and a delicate so-called "Juliet hat" (a small fishnet hat decorated with pearls, beads or precious stones). According to a 1956 article in The Telegraph, the work of sewing the dress was hectic, and the sketches were released days before the ceremony for fear of being copied. The ceremony was elegant and many of the guests were dressed in the style of Grace Kelly. The women wore colorful hats similar to the one worn by Kelly, but were politely asked by the prince to avoid wearing black and white, blue, pink, silver gray, or orchid colors.


And although her mother and father consider her a failure, the actress manages to prove herself a talented actress, to establish her own fashion style and to fulfill the dream of every little girl - to meet her prince and become a princess.

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