There is no way to hear her perform and remain indifferent. Her music grabs, grabs you and doesn't let you! She is already well known abroad - she has a successful violinist career outside Bulgaria. It's over Stony Brook University, New York at Stony Brook, with a full scholarship. Before reaching 14, he was also awarded a full scholarship to a private arts academy. "Idyllwild Arts Academy" - California. Thus, she is one of several approved children.


Do you feel that it is easier for a Bulgarian to succeed abroad than in Bulgaria?


I think that when a person is good enough in his profession, and has the necessary skills such as ingenuity, perseverance and insight to find the right niche, he would be successful everywhere.


Many artists have happened to notice them first in the US, Asia, even in Europe. Only then in Bulgaria do they realize, "oh, this one has succeeded ...", and is "tuned" by all the media, if I can use this journalistic jargon from my native media dictionary?


The “foreign” factor for Bulgarians has always been a concept that adds value and validates achievements, perspectives, lifestyles. It is no accident that the saying, "No prophet is accepted in his own home." This is perhaps a commonly accepted human attitude. The important thing is different! To the extent possible, through media coverage (such as this interview), focus attention on people in Bulgaria who do not cease to work (not only in the field of art) and serve as an example and motivation for every person with ideas and talent.

What is the price of success? Deprivation, will, work or…?

Success, in this particular example with my tool, requires a great deal of willpower and exercise. The violin is one of the hardest tools to master. I dare say that while I was studying it, I spent about 30,000 hours playing - 20 years, an average of 4 hours a day. I've had days where I've been up to 10 hours. Of course, success also involves the support of the right people when many years of hard work and knowledge meet a certain opportunity for expression.

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You also participate in charity concerts. How do you decide which cause to help?


I have played charity concerts in America to raise funds for talented, disabled children to get a good education. Recently I also played in Bulgaria in support of the treatment of a baby suffering from cerebral palsy. The concert was very successful and raised a lot of money. I would play for every single cause I believe in and think I can be useful!

Do you personally have something you miss?


It is no secret that the profession of musician is associated with many exciting concerts and travels. Maybe I miss someone who truly inspires me and understands all the features of my profession ?!

And how do your performances continue until the end of the year?


My performances will be mainly in Bulgaria. I plan to concentrate on future clips shot here in my home country.


You've done so many scenes. Do you have a favorite?


Great! It is true that concerts in a narrow circle of friends and connoisseurs give me a very personal and heartfelt emotion, but the adrenaline I get when I play in front of several thousand people cannot compare to anything!


In how many countries have you had concerts?


I have played in about 10 countries for longer periods, but have visited over 60 countries with a Broadway theater show, from the stage of the most luxurious cruise in the world.


What is the most unusual place you've played?


There are enough: a helicopter pad on top of a skyscraper; in the New York subway; in the palace of the Sheikh of Dubai; in the engine room (underwater) of a huge ship; above the Formula 1 track… And where else ?!


In the eyes of the audience, you are a young lady - a musician who has accomplished everything. But what do you dream of?


Having lived so many years abroad, I have been able to build a broader mindset about my life and career as a musician. I dream of bigger concerts, world tours with different performers and popularization of Bulgaria as a successful musician!


Who do you like to play?


For anyone whose music brings me emotion and manages to find a part of myself in it. One of the most wonderful sensations is seeing from the stage how what is playing touches the soul and literally "illuminates" the person's expression opposite! After 17 years of traveling around the world, of which 10 trained in violin in New York and California, Tanya Tingarova chose to return to Bulgaria! She has shot her new video on "Game of Thrones", shot on Assen's Fortress and in the Rhodope Mountains. You can hear it here:

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