Today began the day with an interesting statistical survey of the "human flow" along the rubbish bins.

Less than 15 minutes went by:

  • Two baked dumplings with carts and wheels.
  • One rookie who casually just glanced inside.
  • Two bona fide citizens who separately dumped the trash in the designated buckets.
  • A caring grandfather who propped his unnecessary mirror to the container.
  • One woman who took the mirror ...

The afternoon continued with a destination to the village of Nikolaevka, the birthplace of Peter Dunov. On our way there we found a wonderful landscape in the area of ​​Kalimantsi village, famous for its eccentric guest house, which offers visitors a mini - private zoo with wild and domestic animals. Although I felt happy and grateful for the opportunity to watch two camels so closely, I do not think that their place is behind this fence.

We continued our walk in the area around the zoo. In the distance, there was the sound of bells, whose carriers, we soon learned, were not cows but horses. The two curious animals crossed to us, stopped timidly about 50 meters away, and began to study us. In all my close encounters with horses, so far, they have either been tied up or with a guide. I'm a little scared. I soon learned that they are no different than dogs - they want to smother you and pet them.

The older white horse sensed that I was worried and very gently and delicately sniffed me and touched my head to my shoulder, then continued to rest unrestrained. It is also time for the teenager to get to know the horse. Just like the paleo who wants to play and pay attention, the horse kept choking me and spinning his tail. In his quest to show me how much I enjoy gently biting my leg, just as dogs sometimes gently bite their owners. I did not get sick or scared, but I was a little embarrassed. However, for the first time, I was interacting with a huge animal and I knew neither how to behave nor how to react if the game got rough.

We headed back to the car, and our horses sent us, jingling with the bells on their necks.

Nikolaevka turned out to be an attractive village nestled at the foot of a low hill. The specific architecture of the houses nostalgically reminds of the past glory of the village, such as the Revival Cultural and Educational Center.

In the middle of the 19 century the village, then called Hadurcha, began to establish itself as an instigator and organizer of the Bulgarian in the Varna region. Atanas Georgiev, a well-to-do local businessman, distinguished himself by his intelligence, kindness and connections with the Turkish and Greek leaders. Atanas was later elected mayor. 

Atanas built the first Bulgarian school in the village at his own expense, and the local "holy man" pop Konstantin Dunovski was appointed as the first teacher. Later, Atanas managed to unite the Bulgarians around him and build the first church. During the construction, Greek intrigues halted construction, but Nasko managed to use his influence in the Turkish government and resume construction. 

Later, sent as a representative of the Varna region in Constantinople, the active businessman and national activist Atanas succeeded in winning a formal decision, separating the Bulgarian Church from the Greek and establishing itself as an independent unit. Thanks to Atanas, liturgies are already held in Bulgarian.

Today, in the center of the village, a fountain with spring water flows from the underground rivers abounding in the area. A beautiful commemorative plaque of the perished for Freedom in the village stands neatly behind the fountain. It seems at once that a solid part of the perished for Freedom bear Turkish names.

The White House, within the center, caught our attention and we headed to find out if it was Peter Dunov's house. The smiling and responsive woman explained that someone had taken this house and started renovating it to make it a tourist attraction as Danov's birthplace.

I didn't understand if the man was from the Brotherhood, I only realized that there were some misunderstandings and the project was stopped. According to the woman, Danov's home has been demolished for a long time, and this is not even where she was.

Obviously, people do not need more tourist attractions, but a connection with Nature and their own spirit.

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